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 Agatha Leung

Agatha Leung
Soooooooo....Chester wanted new roles and some suggestions...here!

First...Factions! (Sorry , I just really like making these things)

1.People's Republic of New Ukraine

My ideas! (By Agatha Leung) (P.S shit ideas) Nnruok

A Socialist republic, everyone in this faction can get access to free basic survival items , such as medkits or ammo , and they are free. However, each time the amount they ask for is limited, but if the person that ask for supplies is a high ranking or a person with honour , then they might get more things. Trading is also banned in this faction, and they set up supply outpost in their control territory. Freedom of speech and exchanging items for profiting is illegal within this faction , all people that caught doing those two within the P.R.N.U's land will be punished. Also , before joining this faction , you will need to strip off all your equiments (All items other than storage items or clothings) and then put in the Government's storage.All Citizens within this faction are excepted to be Militia and ready for fight at anytime. For the glory and honour of P.R.N.U. All Militia , Soldiers , are armed with AK-74 , Only Officers , Generals can pick their own weapons.

Roles within this faction:

PRNU Militia
The Citizens and Militia of PRNU

PRNU Military
Soldiers of PRNU , fight for their glorious country!
(United States Enlisted ranking system)

PRNU Medic
Heal the soldiers at the front then send them back to battle!
(United States NCO and Enlisted ranking system)

-The payment are same for all the jobs above-

PRNU Field Officers
Order your men to do charges!Lead attacks!
Ranks:Cpl,Sgt,SqLdr (Squad Leader),CLdr (Company Leader),Maj (Major),Gen (General).

PRNU Socialist Propagator
Spread Socialist around the city!Make them join our great nation!

PRNU Special Commando
Arrest those rebel scums that are against the socialist!

PRNU President (The highest-in-command)
Head of state

PRNU Drill
Train your men into fearless warriors!
Ranks:DSgt,MDSgt (Drill Sergeant and Master Drill Sergeant)


2:Europa Free Union

My ideas! (By Agatha Leung) (P.S shit ideas) Lossless-page1-1024px-European_Federalist_Flag.tif

A union that spreads the idea of freedom around their control lands,However , they are not a centralized government , therefore , their territory are scatter around the Europa, any sort of settlement or Countries are free to join the Union , as long as they uses their flags and allow them to set up trading outposts. Also , the Union's Military is not the greatest in terms of men power , however , they have the advantage of Vehicles and Tech. This union is heavily based on trading goods with wastelanders , they set up trading outpost everywhere in their land , Soldiers in this faction are either Mercs or volunteers. The  military in the Union is somehow weak, all their soldiers have to buy their own equipments , all they will be given at the start is the uniform , notthing eles. Citizens in this Union are free to do what they wish , as long they are not harming anyone eles or the government.

Roles within this faction:

E.F.U Citizens
You are under E.F.U's protection , also under hostile's sniper scopes

E.F.U Soldiers
You fight for freedom and safety of the people
Ranks:Vlt (Volunteer) , Pvt , Pfc , Spc

E.F.U Medics
Heal your fellow soldiers!
Ranks:(Same as Soldiers an officers)

E.F.U Command Units
Use your tactics to defeat the enemies
Ranks:(United States NCO ranking system)

E.F.U General
Command the army of EFU!

E.F.U Traders (access to more goods and better items on business menu)
You trade for the E.F.U , you get access to much more better goods

E.F.U Engineer
You are the rare ones that can control Military Veichles

E.F.U Chief
You are the head of the EFU Pripyat Section

3:Empire of More i zemlya

My ideas! (By Agatha Leung) (P.S shit ideas) Alt__flag_of_belarus_by_fenn_o_manic-d3j8lkf

Imperialist, this faction have no objectives , they just want to control all the land and fight for glory. They don't need a reason to start a war , after they successfully take down a settlement , they will loot and burn those settlements , or , they will gain the settlement to a High-rank.Letting them take control of that land , doing whatever they wish in their controled settlements.It's like medieval style of ruling.The military of the Empire prefers to use old weapons , such as muskets and swords (Found in some sort of National Museum) Their tactics are old too,they form a fire line fill with musket men or just charge with swordsmen.Their swordsmen are equipped with Heavy EXO suits to protect them while charging at enemies.They execute all captured enemies or wastelanders.

Roles within this faction:

Empire Handgunner:
Men armed with muskets.

Imperial Guards
Men armed with muskets and SMGs , elites.

Empire Man at Arms
CQC masters , armed with meele weapons, wears heavy EXOs.

Empire Heavy Sergeants
CQC masters,armed with meele weapons, wears heavy EXO , form by Mutants and Strong soldiers.

You can rule your own settlement, but you should be loyal to the Empire and work for the Emperor.

You lead your soldiers in fights , gain more lands from those filthy enemies!

(Mods for muskets and swords!Its also TFA based! Ask me if you need it...)

(P,S Sorry! I just really really love making these things! XD)

Tbh...I dont really know what kinda suggestions to make , I just love making these factions....But welp , I doubt ANY of them would be part of the game , but still , I enjoy making them...

My suggestion...Make Faction controled land, spilt up the map by making walls and stuff.

Faction operations:If one side won the campaign the lose side either lost land or lost some advantage,in the other hand , the Win side gets advantage and gain lands from enemy

Allow set up own player-made settlements

Andd....Idk about more suggestions
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 Agatha Leung

Agatha Leung
I found my ideas and lot of other's ideas are alike....I guess I am not original enough XD
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