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Full Name: Marcus Aberdeen

Aliases: 'T119'

Nationality: Ukrainian


DoB: 16 May 2013.

Kiev Ukraine

Age: 23

Height: 5'11.

Weight: 180lbs


Medical Background: N/A.

Hair Colour: Brown

Eye Colour:
Navy Blue

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Religious Orientation: N/A

Relationship Status:


Father: N/A
Mother: N/A
Brother/Sisters: N/A

Mental state: Mentally Stable.

Morale: High - "They are the prey, I am the tiger that is hunting them, let me kill them silently."

Affiliation: Immune Trooper

Distinctive Features / Acts: He tends to be a laid back man, he seems to be quite the bully to wastelanders however, if he comes across one when on mission and is not ordered to attack or to kill, he will tend to look at their body type and if they're skinny, he will begin to amuse himself by making them feel low. He is a high headed person who will work hard to get his tasks done however.


Marcus's Characteristics: Generally Marcus is a guy who you could have a laugh with in a bar, as long as you're good enough in his standards of course, if not then you're just another asshole.

Physical Description: Normal sized human being. He is fairly pale but has a high muscular build. He wears the Immune uniform and looks quite intimidating with his helmet off, or on.


Marcus's Face:

Marcus Aberdeen [Immune Trooper] 34ybi3b

Background Story:
Marcus was born before the war even started, he doesn't remember his family however due to the bombs going off in such a short times notice. With his young life growing up rough and trying to survive the harsh wasteland around him, he grew slightly stronger in himself and taught himself how to become stronger. Due to him being mainly looked after by strangers all his life, he tends to be out going yet not so trustworthy with people he doesn't know. When Marcus was around the age of sixteen, he started doing small jobs for the local teenagers in which would involve him either guarding something or just being intimidating to other kids for his body build, which was quite muscular for the time. When Marcus was around the age of twenty, he begin doing proper mercenary work to earn a living, teaching himself to fight and to fire weapons all by himself due to the wasteland being a cruel place, he made his way across Ukraine fighting for his own survival on his own. Eventually, he got noticed by a group called the Immune and began doing small jobs for them, this eventually lead to his enlistment into the faction due to his loyalty and dedication to their cause. Marcus now serves as a trooper for the Immune and fights for them. He follows his orders well and gets his job done.


Personal Relationships:

- Liked - Neutral - Disliked - Hated - Death Wish

Steve Cooper - Liked
"Steve is a general guy doing his job, I like him, he makes sure that I do my job and sometimes I assist him on his, the guys is good so far."

Luke Vilkas - Liked
"Luke is overall a nice person who also focuses on what needs doing, I think we will become good friends."

"Sektor" - Liked
"I.. Kind of like her, she seems quite nice but has a tough shell. I-.. Don't know what I'm feeling but I want to get closer to her.."

Agatha Leung - Neutral
"Working with the Immune, hopefully she'll be a good asset, apparently she's got some tasks to help us out, I think she'll do fine... I hope."

[After a Roleplay I will add you to the list.]


Faction Relationships:

Respected - Liked - Neutral - Disliked - Hated - Death Wish

Immune - Respected
"They took me in and made sure that I was trained and given good care of, I can't thank them enough, they are like family and I wish to prove them all I've got, let it be done."

Ukraine Armed Forces - Hated
"Seem like a bunch of communist assholes, fuck 'em, I hope they burn and rot the stingy pricks."


Theme Song:

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Copied Luke's format <3

Added Marcus's Face.
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Added: "Sektor" to Liked.
Added: Agatha Leung to Neutral.
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