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Probably a lot of you've been wondering, who... or what the hell is that "Crazy Phantom from the labs" from the local tales... Let me tell you a story...

It was year 2000, when a group of Ukrainian scientists was wandering the frozen land of Siberia in search of Russian hidden intelligence and new test subjects. First three weeks of their mission, they were visiting the villages with AKs in their hands, capturing every Siberian local  they can find. Almost all men, women and children were trying to escape from the invaders.. Yes. I said "almost". One day, on 25th of July, the scientists met a strange looking teenager. The boy was just standing in the middle of the village, that Ukrainians invaded, not moving a bit, just staring at the men in uniforms. Dr. Antoni Revankov, who was the leader of the scientist group, wanted to examine the boy himself, to check what is the source of his strange behaviour. Teenager was not eating and drinking at all for days. Dr. Revankov decided to take the boy to the Site Alpha located in Pripyat, to preform various experiments on him. He wanted to make him react to the surroundings and even enhance it.. Make him better then just an ordinary human. They called him Test Subject "One". The experiments started on 3rd day of August. Each time when the boy was taken to the lab, everyone in the Site could hear his scream of pain. After each experiment, scientists were placing the boy in life support tub, where he was fed by the drip. It took many years, but the effects were most satisfying. The young man was reacting to surroundings better then any person in the Site. He could move fast and unnoticed. Everything was good until the judgement day. 15th March 2015, day when a soldier from the labs provoked the test subject. "One" went crazy, started to slaughter every scientist and soldier in the part of the site where he was held in. At the end of his frenzy he found Dr. Revankov. Just in the moment when "One" wanted to jump on the Dr. Revankov with anger, scientist quickly hid himself in security room and closed the armored door. As soon as he was safe, he turned on the "Extermination Program". Every room except the security one was filled with gassed acid. The best description of what happened to the "One" is that his body completely melted leaving only the part of his skull on the floor. Dr. Revankov decided to write in his notes, that the Test Subject "One" "FELL".

Test Subject "One" - A.k.a The Fallen One 2ezic910

It is unknown if Dr. Revankov actually survived the incident, but folk is telling a lot of stories about that the "One" came back to the living and he tries to find the Doctor and defend the secrets of the Site Alpha from everyone else. Some people say that a group of mercenaries went down to the lab and found Dr. Revankov's notes, but only one of the group made it out alive with the notes. I don't belive in every story i hear near the campfire, but I think that there is something true about the "One" in those tales. The rumour... That he's back...
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