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 Hawk Kalk

Jasper eagle before the apocalypse was a healthy man with a girlfriend and a good job [[Pretty cliche, I know...]]. Jasper eagle got a degree in engineering at his college and then had gone on to be an engineer. A month before the apocalypse, Jasper had been diagnosed with Cancer in his Larynx (AKA voice box) and he was told there was two possibilities of saving his life. A transplant which has a high risk of a possible defect and the body will refuse it or have it removed altogether...

Jasper had decided after a week of thinking and chose to have it removed. His surgery underwent over a period of 6 hours and at this stage.... Jasper had the ability to speak removed. Over the course of 2 weeks he had learned sign language and anything he didn't know he'd try to make up on the spot. Most of his signs were easy to understand.

A week had passed after his operation. Doctors diagnosed that his cancer had gone but were uncertain if it had gone for good. The apocalypse had started... Nuclear bombs had been dropped and the rush to bunkers was horrific. Grown men.. women.. and children rushing to a bunker. Jasper had previously installed one in his back garden and rushed towards it. His girlfriend was at work doing over time late at night and he never saw her again.

A week had passed and Jasper had prepared for an event like this with a spare set of clothes within the bunker, a gas mask and a small school backpack. Jasper peered out of the door slightly with the bunkers rad meter very low. He stepped outside looking towards what was his house- Now only rumble and ash....

--It had begun... the war for survival had started...--

Jasper searched night and day through the wasteland eventually finding a safe zone and after his long treck.. He could rest for a while.

Summary of Jasper for the lazy folk who just wanna know who he is:
-A mute
-Talks with his hands through signs
-Cancer survivor
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