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 Hawk Kalk

Character Name: Pup
Brief Character Description: [[I plan to be a PSY-dog if aloud]] This mutant stands at a height of 3 foot | This dogs eyes glimmer in the dark with a vibrant amber glow | His teeth would be rotten and yet seemingly still in a usable state | his skin is torn, burnt, rotted and riddled with parasites | his tail would be at a short length of a foot and would have virtually no hair what-so-ever | his growls would be in a very dark and territorial tone | Can create multiple copy's of itself | His legs would be hind and still be healthy | He bears most of his hair around his neck and upper torso like a mane almost a resemblance of a lion | his ears would be pointed backwards and quite big |
How will you use this role?: I will use this role to aid in the development of other chars skills and emotions by trying to hunt them and see who is worthy of roaming the lands.
How long have you been playing on our server?: About 4 days but roughly about 4-8 hours each day.
Why do you want this role?: I would like this role to expand my role playing experience and aid in the build up of other role-players experience with this mutant to be made to aid in the hunting of humans among other mutants.
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