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John Stevens Result10

Name: John Stevens
Age: 23
Occupation: IT Tech

John Stevens is a 23 year old male. John was born in a city called Bristol and is currently a self-employed IT Technician. His dream was to travel the world with nothing but the bare necessities.

After working at his job for nearly all of his teenage life. He finally made enough money to make his dream come true. He used his money to buy all the equipment he needed and kept some cash for souvenirs along the way. He also took a few other things that he already owned. A Pack of cards and a Bali-song Knife. Both for entertainment.

His first stop on his journey was France. He took a ferry over from Dover to Calais and from there hitchhiked his way through all of France. When he ran low on supplies he restocked them with what he could get.

He them moved on to Switzerland and whilst there acquired a Swiss Army Knife. John had always found them fascinating and had always wanted to own one. He then moved on to Austria and Slovakia before reaching the Ukraine.

One place that he always wanted to visit was Pryp'yat', the ghost town. He'd always heard stories about the place but he wanted to see it for himself. However... It was a short lived view because that's when "it" happened. The apocalypse. John only just survived the brunt of it but he was very unprepared. A small amount of food and water and his personal effects.

He wandered the wasteland, hoping to find someway of getting away from this place... but with what he had on him he'd die trying to walk out. So he opted to try and survive till someone came for him... he hoped... During his aimless wandering, He'd been almost attacked and killed. He didn't know what the hell was up but it was a fact that. This had turned into a kill or be killed situation. Once he was away and continued his wandering, he came across a HK USP with barley any ammo. He didn't care, protection was protection at the end of the day and it was the best he had.

To this day he still wanders alone. Hoping to survive long enough to be saved. But at the end of the day... It might all be a waste of time. But John never loses hope.
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