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Full Name: Jenny Kalaschnikov

Aliases: Sektor

Nationality: Ukranian

Languages: English/German/Russian/Ukranian

DoB: December 21nd 2013

PoB: Somewhere in Ukrain

Age: 23

Height: 179.976 Cm

Weight: 61 Kg

Build: Ectomorph

Medical Background: Little cut on her right cheek

Hair Colour: Blonde

Eye Colour: Light Green

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Religious Orientation: Atheist


Relationship Status:

Wowa, Father - Dead "You teached me so many things, thanks to you i know how i can defend myself in this wasteland. I will always remember how i killed you."
Sveta, Mother - Dead "You shouldn't have tried to kill me, i didn't want to kill you but you left me no other choice mother."

Mental state: Edgy and a bit paranoid but normaly friendly.

Morale: "What doesn't kill me makes me more and more to a monster."

Affiliation: Explorer of the Wasteland

Distinctive Features / Acts: She is usually in a neutral mood, she tries to stay alive and find new and stronger friends. After she left the Assassination Group of SVOBODA she became a little bit paranoid, she would not accept everyone as her friend. She stays hostile to people which she find weird or with a crazy behaviour. Thanks to the Assassintaion group she has skills in inflatration and assassination. She hates the UAF but acts like she has no eager at them to other people.

Alignment: Neutral

Jenny's Characteristics: She is very loyal to people she trust and would catch a bullet for them. If someone provocates her she get's aggressive and tries to kill him if possible. She lost her little sister to the UAF and tries to ignore this flashback.

Physical Description: Normal sized human being. Slight tan. Sge has Long Blonde Hair.


Jenny's Face :

Background Story: Jenny Kalaschnikov was born in the Ukrain, she had a little sister, a mother and a father. Her father was a ex millitary officer. After he left the millitary he joined a group called SVOBODA. He assassinated people, did espionage missions for the goverment and the rich people in Ukrain. At the age of 19 Jenny joined the assassination group. She became one of the strongest member of this high proffessional group and everyone who knew her would fear and respect her. After 2 two years her comrades would betray her fearing that she could kill them all for the money. Jenny knew what they wanted to do so she was faster so she assassinated all 11 members of the SVOBODA coorporation including her father. After her mother found out what she done, her mother would go furious and crazy. Sveta grabbed her knife, running at Jenny without looking to the left or right. Jenny's sister protected her from the stab but she would die in this encounter. After realising what Sveta done, she killed herself. After this encounter Jenny would start her Journey in the wastelands to find a new and stronger group of people. She got the nickname from her sister because she thought it would be a fitting name for her. After she was in Prypat she got encountered with an strange green smoking anomaly which would modify her gas mask. The mask would have strong healing effect while wearing and inhaling that smoke. She found out that a certrain artifact could be used in the air filter which would provide her all the time with this power

Personal Relationships:

Respected - Liked - Neutral - Disliked - Hated - Death Wish

Xaver Zimmerman - Neutral
" Well he seems like he can defend himself... probebly he will be helpfull in fullfilling our mission."

Sam Hatfield - Respected
"You ever thought someone badass as batman ? Weill here you have Sam... i think i can trust him but im not 100 % sure."

Eva Smith - Neutral
"After those encounters with her i can't trust her... she did stupid decisions after i helped her out... to bad she reminded me of my sister. "

T119 - Liked
"I don't know his real name, i just know he works for the immune. He was friendly so i think he will stay friendly or i will kill him."

Fletcher Boyd - Neutral
"Leader of the hidden? More like leader of the slave organization. I don't trust him but maybe he will be usefull someday who knows..."


Faction Relationships:

Respected - Liked - Neutral - Disliked - Hated - Death Wish

Immune - Neutral
"I don't know much about them, the only thing i know is i am working with them against other factions so i guess we are on the same site."

Ukraine Armed Forces - Death Wish
"They think they can controll everyone and torture normal citizens... fucking psychopaths... i will do everything to see them dead."[/size]

The Hidden - Hated
"Slavery and mugging is the only thing those animals know... in my eyes they are not better then those bandits."

Bandits - Hated
"If they stay in my way i will gun them down for sure. Rapists and muggers... ugly combination."
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