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  • General

  • » Name: Kazimir Aksamet

    » Gender: Male

    » Sexual orientation: Questioning

    » Age: Nineteen

    » Status: Wastelander/no faction

    » Physical description: The young man appears to be about 6'4 in height, towering over anyone shorter than him. He seems physically healthy, as his body is lightly lined with muscle and he is a bit petite. The hair on his head is jet black and shaven at both sides of his head, an undercut style that leaves what appears to be a bit of a messy mohawk in the center of his head. His eyebrows are a bit bushy, but are trimmed neatly in the middle of his eyebrows and his face is rather clean-shaven, along with his body. In fact, the only body hair on his body is the little happy trail he has leading down into his trousers. His eyes are dark green and are a bit down-turned, slightly hooded by his eyelids. Clothing preference varies.

  • Personality

  • » Quirks: He carries a very strong Russian accent in his silvery, clear voice. He may laugh at times when there is no joke, or anything to laugh at, out of pure nervousness. Another quirk is that he finds it rather enjoyable having to scavenge for more chips in his pocket.

    » Morality: If he was asked to strip naked and run down the road, he wouldn't do it if he was sober, or even if it was to earn thousands of chips. In fact, he's a bit too modest due to the way his father raised him and even feels a bit uncomfortable around hookers. Let's just say that he's modest and has good morals, for example; if someone was looking for someone in order to kill them, he'd try his best to lead them the wrong way, even if his life was put at stake.

    » Strengths & weaknesses: His features are noticeably beautiful and he seems to be pretty kind, but he's a bit too soft-hearted for his own good. He's also distracted by the struggle to survive and the mystery of his father's whereabouts, after all of these years and he still can't forget about him. Here's an example of how soft he is; Ak robbed someone and Kaz paid the same person in chips, sort of as a way to say sorry for his boyfriend's behavior.. That should say something. However, do not think that he's just a pushover, or that he's a weakling. No.. if he was given the opportunity to fight for someone he loved, he would without any form of hesitation.

    » Skills: After living in the wasteland for nineteen years of his whole life, he is rather skilled and gifted at scavenging. He's also very physically capable of climbing to higher places, so that he can hide from dangers below, which he is getting better at. However, he is not too good at aiming a gun at someone and demanding from them. In other words, he's more similar to hard-to-get prey than predator.

    » Education: Being hand-raised by his father, who taught him everything he knows.. He lacks in general knowledge of history and science. However, his father thought it was very important to teach him how to read and write. He also taught him basic math, just in case things were to clear up after a while, which was honestly a waste of time because six years later they were still living in the wasteland. It's okay though, because everyday a new opportunity to learn is born.

    » Likes & Dislikes: As bad as being alone sounds to most, he prefers being alone. He enjoys the company of his shadows, the pleasure of avoiding any saddening conversations that may have come. He also has a taste for the vodka that the bar owner sells, but that does not make him a drunk. In fact, he doesn't like getting too drunk and he doesn't like feeling drugged, or out of control of his body. He strongly dislikes the way people roam the wasteland, mugging and attacking each other, but he hates the fact that families are a rare sight and that he cannot find his father.

  • Storyline

  • » Backstory: A Russian soldier and his wife were living in an over-crowded bunker, only to discover that they were expecting their first born child. As hard as the decision was, the two thirty-three year old's already had love in their heart for the unborn child and decided to leave the bunker rather than terminate the pregnancy. Life wasn't too pretty outside of the bunker, as the awful scent of death and chemical was left hanging in the air in the majority of the streets and cities. Makar, the child's father, decided that life under ground was better than risking radiation poising and moved the family down into the sewer. They stayed there for a while, as Anna was close to having the child and when the eventful day struck, the mother was left dead from her husband's lack of medical knowledge. This prompted the father and newly born son to leave the underground sewage system, especially as the smell of rot had come to the corpse and there was no where to put it. Makar named his son Kazimir once they were above ground and stopped in a small town, which was filled with people who were growing ill as the days flew by. Makar noticed this and decided to move toward the woods, realizing that the cities were not a safe place to be. They settled in an abandoned house he'd found in the woods, living there until Kaz was around six years old. Makar had found a Russian soldier while scavenging and demanded that his family be taken to a safe place for his service to the country, however, the soldier decided to make a deal instead. He was to continue fighting for the country in any up-coming wars, while, his family remains unharmed in the military base. He returned home to gather their belongings and woke his son up in the middle of the night, then they were escorted to a Russian military base in Pripyat. Kazimir watched his father train with the other soldiers and when he was ten, they decided to start putting use to his youthful muscles. He had to start helping out if he wanted to be fed. When he was thirteen, the sound of his father screaming had brought him outside of the base, where he seen his father putting hoisted up in the back of a truck. Instantly the boy moved to go with his father, but was held back by the soldiers of the base. It turns out, the people taking his father had a deal with the soldiers. They were to give one human being up in order to save a small group of their soldiers, which were traded in for his father. The two were separated just then and work for Kazimir became much more difficult. When he was nineteen, he decided to run away in the middle of the night and was headed toward Chernobyl.

    » Profession: He is currently a jobless wastelander, but seems to make a living off of selling junk. If the war hadn't of happened, he would have probably been going to college currently to further his education.

    » Relationships: Traveling in the wasteland can be very long and hard, but it seems to be a bit easier traveling with a few wastelanders. Kazimir tends to travel beside Ak Hoffman, a bandit who simply goes by the name 'Ak.' Their relationship is unknown to the public, but Ak sometimes reveals that they are together and conversations can often be heard between the two.
    However, along the way of the wasteland, he was encountered many faces...

I may add important character relationships, but other than that you will have to request to be listed.
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