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Samuel the Mutant Capture%20(3)

Welcome to CD/Disket of Object #S1:13 of IAOD

Object's code: S1:13

Object's full name: Unknown

Aliases: Sam, Samuel

Object's Date of Birth/Date of Creation: 21/07/█-█-█-█DATA CORRUPTED

Object's Place of Birth/Place of Creation: Unknown - presumably United States of America

Object's age: Biologically - 21

Height: 1.89 m

Width: --

Weight: 65 kg

Researched by: DATA CORRUPTED

Object type related information

Gender: Male

Hair color: Brown

Iris color: Red

Skin color: Caucasian

Medical backround: None born with - all caused by mutation due to radiation.

Blood type: 0-

Build: Average(?)

Distinctive Features: Is ignored by all feral mutants due to pheromone released from its skin.
                                During night time its eyes shine, increasing vision in darkness.
                                Sharp fingernails and teeth, nails can turn back normal at will.
                                Tail, usually hid under the clothing.
                                Pointy tounge, can extend to abnormal lenghts up to 0.5 m.
                                No biological aging, not included hair growth.

.=Additional informations=.

After some time in the facility, S1:13 has learned various lethal attacks - punch(or rather salve of fingers) which can rip through chest, clasp with tail that can break neck, kick which causes spine to break and so on...[See: Log #S1:13-5]

Object managed to "befriend" anomalies: V5: Veronica) and V5. Verdon) also called "The Twin Skulls"[See: Log #S1:13-4].

After prior incidents and object breaking its containment, threat level will be increased from 2/5 to 5/5.
As soon as object is in sight of our agents, it should be brought back to containment or if not possible - eliminated from civil environment by any means necessary.


LOG #S1:13-1
DATE: 29/05/36

We have managed to finally retrieve the object S1:13. It seems not to cooperate, but we should be able to make it. Of course its abilities are not making things easier.

Each and every abnormality we will note will be written in its file regulary, due to the fact that this is the first object in this facility to reach level 2/5 danger.
Most people are not ready for this level of threat and we will have to prepare them for it. Things will get more serious than they were.

LOG #S1:13-2
DATE: 30/5/36

The first 2 testings were complete failure.
Object killed 10 of our people before we got to recontain it at first break-out. 2nd one costed us just 1, but it still
was a huge waste. Object is extremely hostile and if we won't do something about it, this thing will keep breaking out to the point when we will loose all people we have here.
Requesting High-Tech troops with exos to assist us and increase of the threat level to 3/5.

First request will be granted, although other one won't be needed.


LOG #S1:13-3


LOG #S1:13-4
DATE: 1/06/36

Since I was asked to - I'll try to explain what happens more briefly.
Object seems to be only hostile to our personnel, leaving rest to live if its not hostile. 1 10 years old girl went into his containment and he didn't do a thing(yes, it was Dr. Braun's daughter).
Now we cannot make The Twin Skulls go away from him. While they were completely hostile to everything in their range, now they just listen to the owner.
We don't know why those things happen but I'll get to know. And I'll get to know today.
And this is so far only imaging of object we were able to recieve, all thanks to Dr. Braun's daughter and her drawing skills.
Samuel the Mutant EgeNQqHg
Photo is not highest quality, but that's something, I guess...

LOG #S1:13-5
DATE: 2/06/36

Due to the fact that S1:13 managed to kill whole facility even after we sent some troops and escaped 10 km away into Ukraine, we decided to create spy division in the corporation. Team: Alpha is taking care of hunting S1:13 down in the areas where civils lead active actions.
I think I don't even have to say about the fact that it also killed other mutant, locals called it "The Coffin". Next time we meet we need to discuss new containment rules, new procedures, teams... we will have to redo everything starting from personnel.


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