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I understand that the roleplay is primarily based on Garry's mod, but I can't always be on the game and I know some others can't either... This can be due to many reasons, mine is having Garry's mod installed on the family computer and sometimes I have to use my laptop, which does not have Garry's mod and sucks too much to have it. I also get a laptop during the school year and would like to roleplay during my resource class, but I can't download anything other than a proxy or else it'll say "error." I guess it would be nice to know that if I can't be on Garry's mod, I can always come on the forum and roleplay with the same plot and characters in mind. It's okay if this is denied, I won't be upset or anything because I can understand reasons you wouldn't want to have forum roleplaying; People joining the forum to RP, but not joining the server on Gmod, or people abandoning the server to RP on the forum... Or no one posting on the RP forum. Let me know what you think below Smile
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How would the roleplay work here? I don't think there will be people roleplaying around here... But thanks for the suggestion
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I was just thinking that people could make posts underneath the said 'Roleplay' section and others could reply to the posts if they choose to. Of course, there would have to be a moderator for the forum in case some fights broke out or something like that, but I have seen some good roleplays come out of forum RPing. Thanks for hearing my suggestion Smile
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