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 Hawk Kalk

CDC : Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The CDC should be used in Ukraine as forces to be deployed under regulation to find the source of the mutant's virus and find a way to rid the disease. The group should work alongside rad tech and the UAF however with their up to date gear and vast amount of advance, should have an overall lead over the two factions. The UAF and Rad tech would be aloud to rebel against the CDC if not happy and should be aloud to try and take over the CDC however failure would mean the CDC have an enemy, the UAF and rad tech.

The CDC would enter the server in an event via selected few applying on the forums. They would parachute from a plane eliminating Mutants and searching for a safe zone. They would begin to set up camps at night and move out at morn with men on guard and mutants occasionally attacking. The group of CDC will be about 5 people. One being the leader, second being a scientist and the other 3 as guards.

Their equipment would consist of a flashligh, a radio, an MP5A5, a Glock-20, bullet proof helmets and vest, Urban camo'ed vests and trousers and tactical gloves. The CDC operate with tactics and approach targets in a serious manor. They will detain civilians refusing to co-operate and take them to test if they are clean. If they are clean then a sample of blood will be taken for experiment. The civilian will be handed out threats if they return to the CDC and are kicked out of the camp to venture on.

The CDC characters will last the rest of the duration for the current chapter. All CDC chars will be PK'able and are eligble for capture. The CDC will only use things around them aside from PET to build the camps with their materials. To make the CDC and other factions RP more, Supply crates will be dropped for the CDC however other factions may claim it RP'LLY and use the gear. The crates will contain little ammo, Food supply for a week, Medical supplies and apparatus for CDC use such as microscopes, phmeters etc...

The food, medical and ammo supplies factions may use for own purpose however the CDC apparatus can be used to bargin with the CDC however the CDC may not be so kind if you give them exact locations as they may storm the base.

There will 3 crates. One every IC 96hrs (4 days apart. E.g First crate called at 5pm June 6th. Next crate will be 5pm June 10th) Each one containing basic supplies and CDC apparatus. The Apparatus will be called in to be replaced or new gear.

For the duration of the CDC's life time. The CDC will go away from either:
-Failing to succeed a cure from loss of apparatus
-Failing to survive in a nuclear enviroment (All die)
-Succeeding in a cure but the cure being destroyed and the CDC RTB for further instructions
-Succeeding in a cure and RTB'ing (please don't let this happen beause that ruins it)
-CDC Go rogue from multiple persuations and communications are cut off from CDC HQ

These events should determine the next chapter.

The CDC in the server should use the model out of the following:

I believe this faction as a long term even faction could bring a bit more variety amongst faction recruits so that more factions can recruit more to beat the CDC or get them out of the way as a threat and make them neutral or ally.

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I think there should be a faction of brave men and women who have a high knowledge in science, kind of like Fallout's Institute faction, only they don't kidnap people and make synths. Instead they capture mutants and test on them to reverse the diseases, but I think that there should also be some testing on regular humans. This would provide a better understanding on how to become immune to the diseases and adapt to the nuclear fallout physically. Maybe some people could bring in orphans they found? I mean, realistically there probably would be children left behind in an apocalyptic world... Even if the war was twenty years before hand. People die all the time. Just some suggestions, other than I like your idea.
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