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Full Name
Piers Nivans




Place of Birth
Washington, USA


178 cm (5 ft 10 in)

67 kg (147 lb)

Fairly lean, athletic build.

Blood Type

Medical Background
Various scars on his right arm.

Hair Colour

Eye Colour

Sexual Orientation

Religious Orientation
Eastern Orthodox, non-practising

Current Status


Immediate Family
Father is alive though unknown, brother is alive and mother died pre-occupation.

Mental state

Fluctuating, medium-high



Distinctive Features / Acts
Piers looks to be a fairly average guy, he's not extremely tall or muscular, but he has a lot of experience and skill to make up for it. He carries a ak-12 and isn't one to shy away from conflict.

Lawful Evil.

Piers' Characteristics
A fairly charismatic men when he wants to be, he tells it straight and doesn't usually waddle around the truth unless its necessary to keep order. His morale standards are low and with a lack of empathy from constant fighting for years against mutants and humans almost all his life. It has made him a much more ruthless and calculating man. Piers is willing to do what is necessary to win, where many others aren't.

Character Voice
Partially deep but not gruff.

Physical Description
Piers' fairly average in height, standing at about 5'10". His build is a mix of a meso-ecto morph, as he's fairly lean and athletic, most of his physique being gained from training and generally surviving the world.

His face is fairly clean. His hair however is nicely trimmed and cropped short, a brownish colour, his eyes brown. The man's complexion is fairly tanned as well, though beginning to fade.

His body however is a different story, his arms and torso being littered with various scars from current and previous conflicts.

Piers Nivans 41308

Piers' donning an under shirt, a set of wood land combat trousers and a jacket and black steel toe cap military boots. His trousers are twisted at the bottom setting them neatly against the top of the boot.

Over his jacket, he has a vest fitted with hard plates, protecting his groin, abdomen and chest, a mounted radio on the side side of his chest rig along with various ammunition and a medical pouch in case of emergency. The sleeve of his jacket also has fixed to it the BSAA emblem.
His trousers have a set of padding on the thighs and knee pads just in case, allowing him to manoeuvre a bit more freely without as much risk as hurting himself.

His belt has fitted an assortment of different pouches containing various things, a leather holster fitted to his side as well for easy accessibility.

On his head he sometimes may have an ear-piece in and a set of blacked out shades depending on the weather.

Piers uses various weapons on different occasions, though he's usually seen with a ak-12, a fairly well kept sniper rifle along with a .45 side-arm in his uniform.​
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