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|Basic informations|

Name: Sergei Torko

Age: 53 years

Biological age: 21 years

Place of Birth: Moscow

Language: Russian, English and Polish.

Religion: Orthodox

Physical appearance

Bald guy who is wearing Freedom Union military suit. He smells like cigarette. His voice is strange and sounds like he has got hoarseness. His face is covered by wounds and scars, they looks pretty new.


Sergei was born in 1994. He is the second son of Polish immigrants. He passed Военная академия Генерального штаба Вооружённых сил Российской Федерации, after that he joined the Strategic Missile Troops. He served in 31st Rocket Army in 42nd division. He stationed in Orenburg. One day when sirens wailed, he was in rocket base only with other officer. When they heard command to launch nuclear rockets, they done it. They launched bombs at Tel-Awiw, Ankara and Berlin. After that Sergei become pessimistic. He know that he has got blood on his hands. After years of fighting for survive, he found strange artifact that made his body younger and stronger. Now he is one of the Freedom Union member, because he wanna redeem guilts.

Personal Relations:

Jenny Collins-"She probably don't like me"
Maksim-"Good guy, he just wanna to help everybody around"
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