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Brief History: Ak was born in a fairly populated town in the German state of Lower Saxony called Luneburg, where he was raised by his mother. His alcoholic father left him and his mother when he was eight years old, but his mother said it was better for the two of them to be without him. As unlikely as it seems, both of his parents were doctors and were very well-off in income, which gave him the opportunity of going off to college when he was eighteen. He was studying to become a mechanical engineer in his home town, but ended up having to leave college right before graduation. His mother had committed suicide, leaving all of her wealth to him. He soon met Audri and had what seemed to be a perfect marriage, until she cheated on him and left him home to take care of their two daughters, Caroline and Cynthia, for six months while she was traveling to 'visit family.' He decided he were to return to college, so that he could divorce his wife and have a balanced life. While he was studying in Russia during the time of war, the nukes had dropped and he was left without knowing what had happened to his soon-to-be ex-wife and children. He killed a man, stealing his weapon and began to head to Ukraine. However, he lost the gun during a bar fight.

Brief Description: Ak stands tall at around 6'4 1/2, weighing at an average 193 lbs. His body build is mostly constructed of muscle, as he enjoys working out on his spare time. He has light features, giving him a pale face and pale blue eyes to go along with his naturally blonde hair, which is typically combed back with gel. His clothing attire is rather plain and consists of a white t-shirt and blue jeans, which are usually tucked into his combat boots.

Character name: Ak Hoffman {Known as simply "Ak" in-game.}

Character age: 32 Years old

Reason I would like my character in this faction: It would suite his rather aggressive and dark personality, as he has a rather intimidating way of wandering around the wasteland and struggling to survive with others. He would not be afraid to kill anyone, nor would he hesitate to. Of course, this would have to be discussed OOCly before hand and most of the time his victims would be left with minor injuries, if the roll was higher in my favor.

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