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The Tech Knights
Are a group of wastelander's that have gone mostly crazy.
They think it is the year 1118 and they believe they are knights.
They have found bits of tech and such around the wasteland.
They wield Compound Bows, Axes, Stunsticks, and Grenades.
They do not believe in using guns, as it is against their religion.
To show that they are with the Knights, They wear a shield (models/cloud/dragshield.mdl) on their back.
Maybe, they could be split into two groups. One side has this shield models/cloud/dragshield.mdl They could be called Dragonhall, The other models/cloud/baalshield.mdl and they are Firefist.
The two groups are constantly at logger heads, but they stay in the same faction.
They have a castle made of junk where they have a tavern, a barracks and houses.

This is just a suggestion and fully understand if it doesn't work well.


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