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As part of some final upgrades within our first data hall in Bristol we have to schedule an emergency maintenance window for downtime which will allow us to process these updates with minimal impact.
Hello there. As you might have noticed, the server went offline this morning. Nitrous Networks is in maintenance right now, so, it'll be back in a few.
Thank you for your patience.

EDIT: The host maintenance is now over. Thanks again for your patience.

You’re receiving this email because you’re hosted in either racks A1 or A2 which will be affected by this maintenance window.

Start date & time: 11/06/2016 – 09:30AM
End date & time: 11/06/2016 – 11:00 AM
Description of works: We’ll be relocating 2 desktop server racks, so that we can setup a few rackmount server cabinets in their place as well as upgrading / replacing of the raised floor under these. This will then allow us to convert these tower servers over the coming 1-2 months to rackmounts.

During the time listed above the server(s) will be powered off to allow us to carry out the works. Once complete your server will be powered back on.

Thank you for your continued support and patience.

Nitrous Team.
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