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Hello there.
As you might noticed, the current factions have not much to do... They need to be worked.

Let me explain you:
UAF is a major military faction, but, they only have two hostiles: Immune and Bandits
Immune - They are a stealth faction based on spying and getting info to hit their objectives big. They can't be in war with UAF since they are always hidden.
Bandits - Its a good faction but there's so much that could be done with them... they need more objectives
Settlement factions - They are the factions that brings most roleplay, but, they could have so much to be done aslong with new hostiles.
Freeland union - Its a potential faction which could bring lots of roleplay, but, its not being that profited and seems a bit inactive sometimes.

My plan is to improve every faction and add new ones that could bring huge roleplay objectives between them. They are currently suffering lack of activities, objectives and factions to confront.

So, there is the faction's ideas to make everything clear:
Ukraine Armed Forces - The UAF are one of the most influential factions. Established in well-known regions, their primary aim is helping survivors of the World War III devastation, rebuild and step forward into the future taking back their governmental power in order to bring order and law in the New Ukraine.
Hostiles: Immune; Warheads; Bandits
Dislikes: Freeland Union

Rad Tech Laboratories - WIP***

The Freeland Union - is a faction formed by men and women in order to provide protection for local people and settlements. They have their own rules and plans for the future. They don't like UAF.
Hostiles; Warheads; Bandits
Dislikes: UAF; Immune

The Immune - The Immune is an advanced scientific organization. It is known and feared for its ability to produce high tech. They remain hidden and well-trained. They do have their own objectives for the future.
Hostiles: UAF; Warheads; Freeland Union

The Warheads - The Warheads are a nuisance group of heavy-armored disfigured psychopaths. They are also blood-fanatic cannibals that does slavery and chaos. They wan't to conquer the world by using slaves to gather materials and build what they need.
Hostiles: Every faction besides Disfigured War Survivors

The Childrens of the Dark - They are a religious organization that worships the Dark One appearances as a holy event and his energy as divine. They do rituals, sacrifice people, pray and most of them are insane. They are seeking to convert everyone in the wastes to their religion.
Hostiles: Warheads; Bandits

Darks Catacomb Settlement - They provide shelter for people in the underground tunnels. They guard their settlement and set rules inside. They are allied with the Freeland Union
Hostiles: Warheads; Bandits

Red Rocket Settlement - They provide shelter for people in their fort. They guard their settlement and set rules inside. They are allied with the Freeland Union.
Hostiles: Warheads; Bandits

Bandits - Bandits are a group of hostile gangs spread throughout the New Ukraine.
Hostiles: Every faction

My suggestion:
Adding a major faction with other plans for conquering chernobyl that would be hostile to UAF only.
Adding a tribal raider faction - freeland protects people from them and other hostiles.

This way, both the new faction similar to uaf and uaf can roleplay against other, choosing their allies and relationships. Also, the new tribe faction would make freeland active against them, because they would provide conflicts to the settlements and their guards would also have to roleplay against them. They could also ally theirself wth bandits, maybe in business or favors. As you can see, it would bring much more to roleplay with since there would be more faction activity around. Not mentioning what other factions could do, for example, UAF and the new faction having their own secret plans for the New Ukraine, that would make Immune wanting to get much more information for their secret plan. There's so much that could go around...

Tell me your opinion. You are free to suggest.
Thanks for reading.
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