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 Agatha Leung

Agatha Leung
Agatha Leung Russia-US-nuclear-war-weapons-607378

Full Name: Agatha Leung

Aliases: "AK Lady"

Nationality: Chinese-Serb

Languages: Chinese , English , ABIT of Russian , Serb

DoB: 8-9-2015

PoB: Serbia.Ниш

Age: 21

Height: 1.7M

Weight: (Secret)

Blood Type: B

Hair Colour: Brown

Eye Colour: Brown

Religious Orientation: Christian

Affiliation: The Hidden

Role: Explorer


Distinctive Features / Acts: "Mhm"

[Your character's name] Characteristics: (What characterizes your character? Any traits, downsides, perks, skills? Hates, dislikes? Etc.)

Physical Description: 1.7 M tall , wearing a gas mask and black hoodie , has a Military backpack on her back, she has common body as others, forehead is covered by bandage


Agatha Leung Svt38sniper

a Hunting Rifle (SVT-40)

Agatha Leung Qbz_95

an Assault rifle (Something like this , I will get the proper image soon)

Backpack,Gas mask , and a old working flip phone

[Insert image here if you please]

Background Story: Born in Serbia , Half Serb, Half Chinese. Her father was a teacher in a School. Agatha's life is pretty fucking common,She managed to survive the nukes,she was just passing by Ukraine while the nukes hit. Agatha tried to be a teacher in a shitty town, but those kids are dumb , and that job's salary is low as hell, Without those chips , she can't survive. So, she left the shitty town , try to find some place that she can earn more chips.

(Will add details soon...I guess...)


Adored - Admired - Love Interest - Comrade - Great Friend - Friend - Respected - Liked - Acquaintance - Neutral - Slight Dislike - Disliked - Hated - Despised - Death Wish - Demonized

Personal Relationships:
Allied - Liked - Neutral - Disliked - Hostile

"Xaver" - I...I really like this person , he called me "AK Lady" before , I believe we first met because we both trying to get on that fucking floating island....we had lots of fun...and....theres more detail...but I think I will not go into them in here...

"Boris" - This boy thinks I am his mom , eh , its kinda random but , poor kid...

"Ma'am" - Me and she are both on the same job against UAF...Well...are we like Revolutionist now? (Its "Sektor")

"Fletcher" - Good Friend in the hidden!

"Jenny" - I wonder where the fuck is she now...(This Jenny Collins , not the Explorer one)

"A Rad-Tech guy" - A person that saved me from a fucking werido...he told me his name but....I cant remember...all I can remember is hes a Rad-Tech guy

"Ivan" - a Fucking weirdo that cutted my forehead...

"a Bandit..." - He fucking tested his drugs on me...the first drug test was pain and the second drug test was...was...ehh.......Anyway , he also burnt my leg...but he patched it up afterwards....I dont really hate this guy...hes fine...I guess

Faction Relationships:

The Hidden - Allied

"I work with them!"

UAF - Hated

"Serve and protect my ass!"

Freeland Union - ????

"What the fuck are you talking about? Who are these guys?"

Cultist - Hated

"There's only one lord and his name is Jesus Christ"

Rad-Tech - Neutral


Forgotten MC - Neutral

"Cool guys"

Warheads - Disliked


Theme song:

(I just love this song)
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