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It was night just like this one in Chernobyl. Stars on the sky, some people sleeping, others talking to their mates, rest sitting in bar drinking.
Pretty quiet, but still filled with people. At UAF Outpost soldiers were guarding, rest sitting in their barracks... if they even have 'em.
That was just a short term of time, since someone yelled over radio for help on Global Frequency and those were soldiers, which were armed to their teeth, 5 of them.
It was odd. Commander of forces decided to check it. 1 by 1 through 10 minutes they granted group of 10. Before they quit base their leader spoke:

"We do not know what we will meet there and sure we will. Might be huge pack of rodents, maybe chimera or controller. So be ready."

Location was given through their last words. It was the big, white building on the left in sight when quitting city from Red Tech laboratories.
As soon as they got there they met figure, looking fully human, standing back to the team facing ground, holding a combat knife in left hand.
It was male, had long down to shoulders, pure white colored skin, black hair, white blooded, but beside that fact not dirty hoodie, brown jeans with leather belt and black trainers.
Next to it were lying 3 wastelanders' bodies, with lots of Everyone turned on their flashlights. After seconds of anticipation commander yelled:

"Turn around, drop the knife and on your knees!" As he looked at 3 bodies next to the man

He then started chuckling without an end. Upon turning around most of soldiers got terrified because of look on its face.
He or rather it had carved out smile reaching for cheeks, lacked eyelids, which looked like were also taken out using knife, blood on chin coming from mouth.
The eyes, which had no iris and looked like could barely see anything, laid vision upon soldiers.
Chuckle turned into maniac laugh. Thing took another steps in their direction. All of the privates, and those were 4, loosened their grip on weapons now.

"That's the last warning, on your knees! Soldiers - weapons up!" Commander yelled taking better aim at thing's forehead

At this point thing began running. Everyone fired.

But noone could hit it.
Every shot fired was missed. Thing waved its arm to left and right slaying everyone, 1 by 1 in the exact same count as they came for patroll.
Last one was Commander. He dropped his weapon onto ground reaching for his combat knife. Thing slowed down the pace moving around in circle with the last man standing, just like 2 animals.
It licked blood off the chin still laughing, flipping knife in the air. Commander didn't say a thing, just tilted his head.
The thing ran for him, at first cutting his stomach and back. But he did not loose stance

"I always leave the best for the last."

"How come. I never spare the last living."

It took another run at the man, but got stopped, as Commander took it by the neck and lifted it into air. Ready to snap the neck, he got cut on his left eye, dropping the killer.
He then began repeadetly puncing it on the face, as it couldn't defend the might of exo suit. They were both attacking each other. With the last bits of energy he knocked it out, falling onto knees and fainting.
Body of the thing was not found and Commander was saved. Most likely this is still roaming areas of Cherno...

"Nice tale you got there, Gunter." Man with face covered by gasmask and voice changer spoke sitting next to German.

"Tale? I am no tale teller. This is story of what happened to left eye of current UAF commander." Gunter Azealman responded looking at 5 people sitting around before taking last sip of beer.

Character's tale: Eye for an eye 3KYCXo8
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