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In-game Character name: "Belial Samael"
Character age: (Unknown IC) 46
Desired class: Raider
Presentation of your character: Grimy, blue suit with a striped tie. Dried leather shoes and a gas mask covering his entire face and muffling his voice. Little to no skin showing. Smells suspiciously like ash.
Reason you want to join, convince The Warchief that You are skilled and useful: Well... I can shoot good... I can set fires, yes... lots of fires... heh... I like to, uh, whats the word... uh... shoot? Shoot, yes. I can shoot with a long gun. Sniper. From distances. Also, I like fires... alot... I like the smell, the feel... the sensation, its strong... I like it when other people get to feel the sensation... I like to spread the sensation. Is that enough? Yes? Yes.
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