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So, you've just spawned in Pripyat and you're now probably wondering what to do. This guide will help those who are perhaps new to serious roleplay or those who are just curious.


You're also probably wondering why you can't access any role except Wastelander. This is for a few reasons. In Apocalypse Roleplay, we aim to achieve quality roleplay from enthusiastic players, and want our players to work for these roles and prove to us (the admins) they are suitable for such roles. In order to achieve these roles, you can always ask an admin for more information but also use the applications on the forum to apply for a certain role. There are application templates available, so just fill those out and submit it on the thread. Bare in mind that each role will require you to roleplay differently, but also to create a separate character for each role. For example, if you chose to roleplay as our cannibal role, you'd isolate yourself and attempt to trick any non-cannibal in order to trap them etc.


Here at Apocalypse Roleplay, we encourage a thing called MissRP. MissRP is relatively simple. It's pretty obvious we use guns within the server, and not everyone wants to die (obviously). MissRP is when you intentionally miss in a shootout, and you don't shoot to kill. This is to make roleplay more enjoyable. This idea has to be agreed on both sides, so whoever you're shooting at must agree to it (discuss in OOC).

Straight after Spawning

So, you've just created your first character and you're now standing at the entrance of Pripyat. Remember, this is NOT DarkRP. You cannot join and run around screaming down your microphone and jumping around like an idiot. If you take a short walk down the road, you will encounter the UAF (Ukrainian Armed Forces) Outpost. Depending on the time, you will be able to enter with permission of any soldiers guarding and head inside where you can meet other settlers. You may also ask any of the soldiers if you can rent one of the shacks within the Outpost, so you can rest assured that you can sleep safely (relatively). You may choose to ignore the Outpost all together, but it's a good idea you at least check it out as we usually have some people giving out quests for rewards inside. Speaking of rewards, your next task will be getting caps, the currency we use in game. Currently we have limited ways of earning caps, but we have a loot system where random loot generates around the map. You could then take these to a trader or another survivor and trade them for caps or other items. However, be careful when scavenging in the city. The shadows are crawling with the hideous mutants left behind in Pripyat after the fallout. As this is a serious roleplay server, you should try your best to roleplay with most players you encounter. After all, it's better travelling in numbers and makes your experience much better. Luckily, if your roleplaying skills aren't great, we have a friendly community who will help you with this, or if you have any questions.


The first thing many people notice when they join is their lack of tools, such as the toolgun and physics gun. This is so we can avoid any idiots who join and immediately begin to prop abuse and ruin the experience of other players. If you wish to access these tools, you should speak to an admin who can give you access to these tools. Usually, they will tell you to continue roleplaying within the server, and as long as you show you're a capable roleplayer, they will grant you permanent access. This is advisable as we highly encourage players building safezones and other shelters, as it makes everyone's experience much better.

Further Advice on Character Creation

Your character plays a huge part in roleplay. This is the character who people will meet and learn about, with a completely made-up story. In the character creation screen, you have a few boxes to fill. First is your name. Please try and use a serious first and second name. Anyone who abuses this will be kicked. Next is your description. Here, separate each feature with symbols like a forward slash. Simply list some of the different characteristics of your character, like how they look and what they're wearing, along with some personal information like their age, height and their personality traits (confident, aggressive etc). Now will be the Endurance, Stamina and Strength bars where you can put in points to increase these aspects. These will increase things like how long you can sprint, how many things you can carry and what you can lift.

In-Game Menu

By pressing F1 on your keyboard in-game, you can bring up our menu. This menu has a business tab, which takes you to a limited marketplace where you can buy outfits and ammunition, among other things. You may also notice the permits. These will be granted by admins that allow the user to buy more advanced items, like consumables and heavier weaponry. The menu can also take you back to the character creation screen, aswell as a tab that takes you to our forum.
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