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The year was 2015.

Russian personnel crossed the Ukrainian borders without permission in order to support the pro-Russian separatists who had rallied in Ukraine, petitioning to reclaim land for themselves. Despite the warnings of the Western allies, Russia refused the order to withdraw their troops from Ukraine. After some time, the Ukrainian forces struck back, sending troops to push the Russians back. This was met by a full frontal attack from the Russians, leaving many dead on each side. Enraged by the arrogance of the Russians, the EU along with America called a conference in Versailles, France.

The EU powers invited the Russian Prime Minster to join, and discuss terms for peace between both Russia and Ukraine. Russia demanded a piece of land for their activists which also happened to contain a functioning military airbase, to which Ukraine declined. Ukraine requested immediate withdrawal of the Russian troops within their borders, which Russia surprisingly accepted. With both parties in agreement, they signed a peace treaty that would return the situation back to normality.

However, a few weeks after the conference, the Western allies were made aware that Russia had not only kept their troops within Ukrainian jurisdiction, but they had sent additional reinforcements to claim and secure the airbase. With the clear violation of the treaty, Ukraine launched a large scale attack on the Russians. War had begun.

To everyone's surprise, Chinese and Korean forces arrived, but fighting for Russia. With too many forces to handle, Ukraine requested the help of the EU. Britain and France sent heavy reinforcements to aid Ukraine. Shortly after the war had begun, US forces joined in with the allies.

After a year of fighting with many fatalities on each side, Russia had launched attacks internally in order to steal the nuclear weapons stored within their country by the Western allies. With nuclear warfare on the horizon, America launched a number of nuclear bombs that would strike their enemies, Russia mainly. Without hesitation, Russia launched nuclear strikes throughout Europe using many of their own nuclear weapons against them. In all out nuclear warfare, the world was slowly being torn apart. In most countries, the capital cities had been destroyed, wiping out most traces of Government. With society in all out chaos and its people fighting for survival, an immediate, unintentional end had been put to the war.

After 20 years, 80% of the Earth's population is dead. Our story focuses on Ukraine whose military foundations still exist, with the remnants of the war now in command of political relations. In an attempt to rebuild society, they have made their way through a destroyed Ukraine, seeking ideal locations to settle. The year is 2036, and the Ukrainian Armed Forces have sent a portion of their remaining army to rebuild within the city of Pripyat. With the aim of restoring society, the UAF aim to invite and welcome settlers who have abandoned the majority of their radiation-ridden homeland. However, Pripyat is far from safe, what with the increase in bandit activity due to the increase in travellers, and the monstrosities left behind by the war. There has been no contact with Russia since the war unofficially ended, as well as both their allies. For those who have not travelled outside Ukraine, the theory is that they are completely reduced to ruins and too irradiated to inhabit. However, some believe that there are still remnants of their structure who will one day return to finish what they started.
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