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The Pavlichenko family

In Ukrain the Pavlichenko family are well known for their war efforts throughout time. Vlad Pavlichenko fought in world war two, he managed to repel many german attackers when his squad was wiped by a German ambush, during a patrol of a small village. He held out for 11 hours scavenging for ammo from his fallen comrades. His finaly blaze of glory- charging at a tank with a Anti-tank grenade. The Pavlichenko were honoured for this, and shortly after, his much younger daughter Lyudmila Pavlichenko took to arms. She was assigned to the Red Armys 25th rifle division. After around two and a Half months of fighting, she had racked up 187 Kills and by the end of the war she had 309 confirmed kills ( She died at the age of 58 after a nice retirement from service ) . The Soviet Union honoured her, and her father.

Years later, after many years of peace, the bombs fell in ukraine. A new Lyudmila was about to be born, she knew what she had to do. To follow in her familys footsteps...


The new Lyudmila Pavlichenko in the family had arisen and it was her fate to show the world that she could survive this. She had been many people die, many people get killed by the opressing russian forces. She had, had enough. She crept into a small russian compound with a revolver in her hand and shot the 6 Russian men dead with perfect accuracy. The practice she had been taught as a child as a "Tradition" really shon-through at this point. However, unluckily for Lyudmila a Russian force was moving forwards past the point at this time and had heard the gunshots. She ran but eventually got cornered in some sort of bunker, this is when the bombs fell, the bunker with them. The bunker collapsed on most of the men and she was lucky to get out alive. She knew what had happened. She saw the clouds of death rise. She grabbed a Sniper Rifle from one of the men who was crushed along with some rope, and a knife and she headed towards Pripyat, where she has been held up ever since, she has survived, found equiptment, better suitable clothing, and has even found other people. She is far too scared to contact anyone in these day and ages and now she stays in the shadows... Silently watching. Sometimes helping.

She might not get comemorative awards as her Ancestors did, however she knew what she was doing was right, and with the abominations and factions climbing out of every radiation hole in the city. She knew she had to help.
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Disclaimer: This woman was an actual world war two Sniper, however most of the story is made up via my own imagination.
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A really good character presentation, it was really interesting to read it. Good job !
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Very nice presentation mate. Keep it up!
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