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01.27.2016 23:22:46

Совершенно секретно

Armed Forces of the Russian Federation
Вооружённые Си́лы Росси́йской Федера́ции

This document is for the eyes of our leader only.
этот документ для глаз нашего лидера только

Project name: Оружие разрушения - Oruzhiye razrusheniya - "Weapon of destruction"

Head Scientist: Dr. Zakharovich Fenenko

Dear President Vladimir Putin

Hello, I send this letter regarding our latest triumphs within the underground labratory in Pripyat Ukraine. As you suggested, it is a sutible place for the upcoming war. We currently took many citizens of Ukraine to the labratory and kept them in stasis as planned. Many are weak, and tend to die within moments of testing, however we have made a break-through. One man who from now we will call Test Subject - #1120, went far beyond our expectations. Not only did he survive the tests, we have made him soak up so much radiation... and it hasn't killed him. It makes the test subject stronger. His brain activitys are spiraling out of control and he seems to be able to control things with his mind, just smaller objects for now, we do expect greater things from #1120. We have currently placed the test Subject in a controlled enviroment to monitor him. It seems that #1120 is getting stronger and stronger... With the upcoming war and the possibility of nuclear radiation... God knows how powerful #1120 will grow. The tests are going well and we will carry on testing until we get the end goal. The Human-Super-weapon that you asked for is not complete yet at we are working extremeley hard to make him stable. I have contacted Science team Charlie at location: [REDACTED] They seem to have their new nuclear weaponry ready for launch if the time comes. We hope that the war comes so we can rid these lands of the ukrainian scum who took our land.

Here at Alpha, we thank you for the weaponry and supplies you sent us. These will come in handy in times of greater need. As for the science team, can I request another scientist here ASAP. We lost one of them... I personally dealt with him. He started to question the morals of the testing and I know that we can not have weak minded people within the ranks.

All the best to you Supreme-Commander. Keep up the fight and remember- Боль делает вас сильнее.

Dr. Zakharovich Fenenko - Head Scientist

I want this character to have the Gold Foster model - Or lesser.
A Pistol - And to associate himself with the making of the Dark One / Stays in the labs.
He would be an unknown enemy of the Ukraine Special Forces.
Possibility to Tie people ? / Take hostage and test upon.
The Dark One would not be angry at the man for creating it but more at the people of ukraine, as it was designed to do so.
The Character was a Head-Scientist Pre-War of the RAF and was undegoing secret testing within ukraine.
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I have taken a well-fitting screen shot if you wanted to add me on steam and look at the activity... Haha Smile
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Hello Faceless.
Well it sound really good and interesting but i need to speak with the staff about this, to see if they agree making that character for you. Because dark one used to take a big part in our server. One of our staff members will notify you if we agreed or not.

- Lorender aka. Admin Luke
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Thankyou. I see the Dark One being a big thing on the server. However, I mereley created it and will rarley interfere with the ongoings of the Dark One. Just adding more of a backstory really.
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We need to take advantage of the lab space and bring back our Dark One story. You have my support.
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Frosty wrote:We need to take advantage of the lab space and bring back our Dark One story. You have my support.

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Nice idea  Cool . It would be aweasome to bring that character on our server. It is possible to tie. The foster model is for the settlement mayors only. There's a few scientists models with different camos.

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