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The story is already available on my profile, but hell, why not.

The current President of the Forgotten MC, Frosty is a capable and confident leader with many favourable attributes that also make him a fierce opponent.

He stands at 6'5, muscular, with short, dark bedraggled hair. Fairly mysterious, he doesn't allow anyone to learn about his past life and prefers to forget about it.

His passion for motorcycles was born at an early age as he would watch his father work on custom choppers at their isolated rural countryside home. When he was a child, his mother was killed in a vehicular-related accident, leaving him in the hands of his father and two younger brothers. After her death, his father was forced into a state of psychosis, making him believe the end of the world was coming. He encouraged his sons to learn survival techniques, so they could survive when the time came. To do this, his father would drive miles away from their home, and leave them with only some basic supplies and force them to make their own way home and teach themselves. His homelife was no more comfortable. His father had become an alcoholic in this time, meaning he had to take care of his brothers during the time their father left with no warning and didn't return for days on end.

The day the bombs fell, Frosty was only 21 years old. He was out travelling with his MC at that time, on his trusty Triumph Rocket. When he had learned of the news, he immediately rushed home only to find his home ransacked and his family butchered. It was thought that a group of bandits had passed by, looting the house and taking their lives in the process. Once Frosty had buried his brothers and father, he took to the road, with only his bike, a backpack with few supplies and his fathers pristine revolver, which he had been awarded with for years of outstanding service in the military.
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Nice story man Smile
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