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The Russian scientists were working secretley underground within Ukraine for many years before the great war took place. There were three Major operating sites within Ukraine; the sites were named in order of importance to the Russian military: Site Alpha, which was situated in Pripyat Ukraine. The site was in control of top secret projects which only certain superiors of the Russian military knew of. Most of these exeriments are unknown today. Then there is site Bravo, site bravo was located in Kiev, the largest populated city in Ukraine. This site dealt with nuclear weapons and other advanced weaponry, such as bio-weapons. The site was known to launch all of its nuclear missiles at countries which apposed the russian movement during the great war. Many Bio-Weapons were released upon the citizens of Ukraine. Site Charlie was situated in Odessa. This site dealt with robotics. The russian military had developed sentry bots equipt with two small vulcan guns on each arm as well as robotic infantry which could fire laser weaponry. Most of the robotic-army was sent out to battle during the great war, however some were sent to the different sites to be used as protection.

( The server is located in Pripyat which has Site Alpha within it )

The only thing which is known about Site Alpha is when people have come across a large metal door which the location of is unknown to most. This metal door has a small keypad and screen on the outside and only seems to be able to be opened from the inside. There are markings scratched around the door saying "Do not enter", "Goverment property", "Tresspassers will be shot" and large no entry markers. If you put your ear against the door some people say they can hear the cries of the damned. Apparently something went wrong there during the great war and this thing people call "The Dark one" escaped... however this is just rumour and most people think nothing of it.

There were many rumours Pre-war that people were being taken off the streets by men in strange masks and taken underground to never be seen again. There were even reports of animals being taken. Nobody ever saw much except from one man which claimed to have seen a military convoy at night enter the city and drop supplies down into the sewer... He said it looked like chemicals and cages with creatures. Everyone thought he was crazy. A few weeks later- he went missing.

There has been no reported signs of the door every opening- whether it being always shut, or the people who have found its secret never to be seen again. Nobody is quite sure. The UAF once tried to gain access to the door, but the survivors say that they were attacked by this "Dark-one" and are reduced to a dribbling mess of anxiety and paranoia.

Who knows what could lie behind that door. I don't think I want to know what lies behind there. That many secrets could kill a man, or an army. The UAF has since stayed away from the location... Do you dare to find the door and its secrets? I dont...
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Very well thought out story with a good recognition of the server lore. I look forward to getting involved.
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