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 Skarin the Viking

Luke Hodge

"So. You wanna know who I am? Where I've been? Maybe even why I'm here? I can tell you that. I'm Luke, North England born and bred. I come from a family of warriors, fighters. We fought because we had to, and always for the little guy. The guy struggling to get by day-to-day. I had both my brother and parents. I was lucky, some people didn't even have that before the war. My father, also called Luke, was a pilot in the British Army Air Corps. His elder brother was a soldier. His grandad was in the medical corps in world war 2, his uncle was in the navy. They fought for years, defending what they had,,so that me and my brother could have a chance at a better life. Guess what? They're all dead. Bandits swarmed our compound, and killed em all. Not that they didn't kill a fair few of them. My brother managed to escape, with nothing but the clothes on our backs and a couple things to remember them by. That was 16 years ago. After that, we got split up, I dunno where he his. I can barely remember his face. I left Britain, too many memories and nightmares. So, how does an 8 year old leave an island? With great difficulty. Managed to get a boat on the south coast, with a few other people. I think I traded some food with them, I can't remember. Anyway, we got to Calais and the refugee camp was basically intact. My father had told me about it, how it was before the war, with hundred and thousands of people fleeing war in a place called 'Syria', and how far they travelled to get there, only to be turned back at the last hurdle. It was then I decided that's what I would do. I found a map, and looked over it, ignoring the pointless borders of countries. I found Syria, but didn't want to travel to where they had fled. I looked and looked, and found a far away country that wasn't Russia. Ukraine, on the other side of Europe. It would do I decided. I walked, rode and on one occasion flew, all across Europe. I didn't always pick the quickest route, or safest, but by God I got here. I ended up in Priypat not by design, just because I thought it was Kiev at first. That's right, I got lost. When you've been travelling for 16 years, it's a bit stupid to get lost isn't it? While I was travelling I taught myself everything I needed. How to shoot, cook and survive. I'm harder than most, and slow to panic or worry. Or so I thought. When I got near Priypat everything changed. It wasn't just nuclear damage anymore, I saw the aftermath of true conventional warfare, burnt out tanks, skeletons, decades old, craters and death. Truly some of the worst things I've seen. But I endured. I arrived a few days ago, and some military guy gave me a pistol. Maybe I can trust people eh? Maybe..."

(Just a little intro I mocked up. What I imagine my character saying if anybody he trusted asked him. Hi, I'm new but excited to be here!! Can't wait to meet you all, get to know you and roleplay!!) Smile
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Welcome Sharin the Viking
Really awesome character presentation, good job Razz
Good to hear that you are excited to be in our servers, our staff tries their best to give people good experience Smile
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 Skarin the Viking

Thanks! Yeah your staff seem very nice from what I've experienced! Definitely looking forward to it! I was just wondering what times are you guys most on?
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It generally depends on the day mate. I'm not on much at the moment due to a busy social calendar and work (sigh) but when I get on I try get as many events going on. The other admins are on most days from about 3pm to as late as 11pm, depending on what's happening.
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