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UAF Soldier - Harry Mason 105d0g5
Born in the small town on the outskirts of Canada. In the age of 5 Harry has lost his parents due to the WW3 gun fight, that started right when Russians attacked Canada. His mom and dad defended him with their own bodies. Harry hide himself under their dead corpses, so Russian forces couldn't find him. At least he thought so... An old Russian Federation Officer found Harry and kidnapped him. Harry was taken to the Russian base somewhere near the Ukraine border. He was trained in the deep bunkers to become a soldier, that Russia needed. He learned how to speak russian and english with an russian accent, use various weapons, drive cars, use medical supplies and how to find food in extreme situations. His training took 20 years. Just in the time when WW3 ended. With the help of a fellow soldier, Harry sneaked to the Old Officer office and stabbed his neck with an old knife. He found a map of the whole bunker and decided to flee from it. The most safe exit was through sewers. Harry searched the whole room, looking for weapons he can use and found a real rarity... an semi-automatic rifle SVT with few boxes of ammo. He went straight to the sewers entrance and got out safely without being spotted by any Russian soldier. Wastelands filled with radiation and mutants were there, waiting for him. He got used to using the rifle he found, when he had to kill the attacking mutants or bandits groups. After few weeks he crossed the Ukraine border and started to search for supplies in the nearby city. While doing that, he was attacked by a giant mutant savage, something locals call "Chimera". He didn't stand a chance... Monster pushed him on the ground and was ready to eat him alive. That's when Harry heard a gunshot and Chimera fell on the ground. Harry saw three armed men in millitary uniforms coming his way. They told him, that they are UAF soldiers and they were patrolling the whole city. One of them, seems to be a commander of that squad, asked Harry, if he want to return with them to the outpost located in Pripyat...
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Really good character presentation. Smile
keep it up Razz
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