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Character name: Harry Mason
Faction: UAF
Rank: Pvt.
Weapons of choice: Sniper rifles and shotguns
Presentation: http://apocalypserp-gmod.roleplaylife.net/t36-uaf-soldier-harry-mason

Why i want to apply for that job: Because i like to RP in a position of a sniper, a lone wolf who watches the whole sqad from far distance and take out hostiles in silence. Also a sniper threat is just the worst for bandits or russian soldiers. Smile I took part in many RP sessions so far and i think i did well in them.
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After my roleplay experience with you, I can vouch for you and say you can be trusted for such a role. I will support this role application, but I will put you on a trial period and keep a close eye, so I can go on to make this a permanent thing. Cheers!  Very Happy  
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