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 Pelican Pete

My character is Andrew Cochrane. He is a good person at heart, which is why he wants to join the UAF; To protect the people.
He once had a personal encounter with a Dark One at the swimming pool, Which he barely survived due to the help of Joel Miller and Luke Hodge. He is an okay marksman, but he's much better at providing support for his teammates. He's joining the UAF to make the lawless wastelands a safer place for innocent survivors.
He also like pre-war classic rock, which is completely unrelated to why he wants to join- he just felt his teammates needed to know that.
He's about 28, 5"10, and a caucasian fellow. He is spunky and optimistic, and he likes to make the best of a bad situation. He only kills survivors when it's 100% necessary. He tries to rationalize before he shoots, which often ends up getting him injured, but he finds it much more satisfying to walk out of a combat situation with good karma on his soul, rather than another notch to his kill list.
He much awaits the response of the recruiter.

Andrew out.
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