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 MomoGamer / Mike Patosi

Mike Patosi

Mike Patosi was one of the greatest scientist's in the world. He lived in germany in a little House on a hill. He maked some experiments with the nature. One day he got a e-mail. In this e-mail stands :,, Mister Patosi , please come to our Lab near Prypat (Not in Prypjat) we need you.'' Mike Patosi went to the lab and saw terrible things with mutated rabbits and rats. One day , they sayed they make a experiment with many dead bodys. They gave the dead bodys a potion. They become undead. They attacked Mike and the other scientist's. The biggest one punched Mike over a desk and screamed at him. Mike ranned out off the lab and went to prypjat. Some days later a scientist in prypjat sayed to Mike:,, Are you not one off the biggest scientists in the world? '' Mike answered:,, Yes i am , but our lab i now broken. Nothing can live there. '' The scientist sayed :,, You can go with me to the lab in prypjat '' They walked to the Lab and maked some experiments. Now something attacked the lab and every mutant became free! They ranned but Mike was against the only one who survived. A few days Later , the apoclypse started and Mike went to the UAF. He is now a good Corporal and he trys to get the Ecologist Job.
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