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 Jack White

Welcome, Welcome Towarish! you are new here? Russian is not your mother language?

With this book you will learn in no time the meaning and the power of true Slavic words!

First: some letters sound completely different and are not comparable to the English words..

(The Russian letter "I" sounds like the English word "Eagle")
(and the "SH" sounds like the letter "S" in the word "Shop")
(the Russian letter "E" sound like the first two letters of the word "Yeah" so simply "Ye")
Lets begin!

Tovarish [plural: Tovarishi] It has many meanings like friend, mate or companion, but the direct translation means Comrade.
Pronunciation: To-varish.
(the SH sounds like in the word shop.)
(and the I sounds like the letter "E" in the word Eagle.)
Example: Tovarish! where have you been?

Suka [plural: Suki!] very famous word. almost everytime wrong written! only in Russian its written "Сука". As you can see the letter K is smaller, and the letter "C" is an "S" in Russian.
there are multiple meanings to this word, direct translation is Bitch or Whore, your foes can also be called like that.
Pronunciation: Suka, Suki
Examples: Suka where is my money?! or These Suki are everywhere!

Durak [plural: Duraki] Russian word for Idiot! We even have a game called like that!
Pronunciation: Du-rak, Du-Ra-ki
Examples You Durak what you have done? or They are Duraki they don't know nothing!

Debil [plural: Debili] Russian word for retard or idiot! (is more painful than Durak) always call the people, which drill holes in their walls at 5am in the morning like that!
Pronunciation: De-bil, De-bil-I (the "bil" sounds like the English word Bill.)
Examples: Look where you're going Debil! or You all are Debili I told you to be careful!!

Kalash [plural: Kalashi] Russian word for Ak.
Pronunciation: Ka-lash, Ka-la-shi
Examples: You help me out, and I'll give you a Kalash. or They all are using Kalashi!

Pomozh: It means Help in Russian usefull word! [if you say to one person then you say ("Pomogi" when you say to multiple people then say Pomogi-te!)
Pronunciation: Po-mozh Po-mo-gi Po-mo-gi-te
Examples Suka, pomogi mne (Mne is russian fo me) or Tovarishi pomogite!!

Drug [plural: Druzya] Hahaha its not what you think! I swear! Drug means Friend in Russian Pronunciation: Drug, Druz-ya
[the letter "U" sounds like an Stone Age Man would say. Ugha Ugha!)
Examples: Drug pomogi! or Druzya? I don't have any!

[Kgde] you say this when you ask "Where?" useful word.
Pronunciation: Simply Gde
Examples: Kgde Mutanti, or Kgde Toilet?

[Kogda] you say this when you ask When?" good word.
Pronunciation: Ko-gda
Examples: Kogda we will drink? or Kogda did this happen?

[Net] Russian word for "No"
Pronunciation: Niet
Examples: Q: Have you done your Homework? A: Net!
or Q: Alexei are you here? A: Net!

[Da] Russian word for "Yes"
Pronunciation: Da
Examples: Q: Have you drank all the Vodka by yourself? A: °Hic° D- °Hic° Net!
(never tell the truth about drinking the last bottle of vodka!)
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