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In-game Character name:
Character age: 25
Desired rank: Soldier
Presentation of your character:
Character Name: Bob Wells
Age: 25
Status: Exploring Wastelands.
Allied Factions: Noone.
Enemy Factions: Currently Noone.
Often Activity: Looting Buildings and selling junk / Doing quests and wiping out zombies.


Bob Wells was an Polish Citizen living in "Lublin" after the Nuclear War started he tried seeking cover in some Nuclear Shelter , there were Riot's near entrances to the Nuclear Shelters  there was Millitary at place...they decided to shoot down the Civillians. Bob Wells decided to travel into Belarus to his trustful friend which told him there are empty places in Shelter there.........
Shelter looked kind of poorly made.....place was looking unsafe , not even 3 days later and Russians have found the Shelter and decided to kill anyone inside, Bob Wells have ran into the Shelter electrical center and shutdown the power....it was completely dark , he rushed onto the exit and escaped.......
Bob Wells after leaving the Shelter there was few Russians outside waiting for their teammates , he ran into cover in the nearby old building , there was an AK-47 laying there on ground , he decided to take it and run far as it's possible.....6 Weeks later , Bob Wells have found the UAF Outpost at the Pripyat........
Day later after Bob has found the UAF Outpost from megaphone there could be heard following line "Commander Svjenska is accepting new Recruits to the UAF" (Sorry if , I spelled it wrong). Bob decided to join the UAF....but will he succed?


Reason you wan't to join this faction: Faction is completely diffrent from other factions like Bandits , Mercanaries or Mutants. The Faction seems to be interesting and i'd enjoy roleplaying in this Faction.
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