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 World Prop

World Prop
*Quite unneatly written, the original piece had blood splatters on it. The writer probably knew to much*

The Hidden

Written by Ravik

No one knows why they are here, what they plan to do or what they are doing right now or even where they come from

They have been commonly known to wear any small round red visor goggles to show recognition between each other.

Not many have lived to know their real names, they are known to pick their members and to decline askers.

More will be written once more info is gathered on the mysterious group, please add your own thoughts and notes on the extra pages of the book.

Come to Green-Hill and report any information to Ravik to keep this factual series continue, support us by donating chips, come to Green-Hill to speak to Ravik

*The page of the original was ripped here for some reason*
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