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 World Prop

World Prop
Roleplay Name: Riley "Spike" Morbic

Character Age: 40

Do you have any motorcycle knowledge?: I don't possess any useful knowledge of motorcycles.

Short Character Backstory: Born before the war, Riley always was interested in motorcycles in his childhood, at 13 he left school and helped out his Dad in his workshop, Riley would beg his Dad for his own proper motorcycle but as told he'd only receive one once he's 18. He runs away from home at 16 with a biker club called the Chained Sultans, heavy metal lovers, cruising in packs down desert routes and stopping at bars for breaks and drinks. Riley enjoyed this life but regretted leaving home, Riley felt deep disappointment within himself but ignored it well, as the Great War came, the biker group separated, Riley travelled to Europe as he didn't feel safe in the States.
After surviving the bombs and a whole mess of stuff between then and now, Riley has found himself in Pripyat in a club called the Forgotten MC.

Why do you want to join?: I love roleplay revolved around respect between one another like when you respect your higher and lower ranks within a military scenario and its a change of playstyle from what I've experienced so far.

What can you offer?: I want to help all round, it is hard to answer this one because the help I can give is so big or subtle in different ways I would just be a new helpful addition to the club.
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