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During a great war, various places were either heavily shelled, or abandoned. Mass destruction and chaos allowed many prisoners and psychiatric patients to escape from complexes. Already terrible situation turned to even worse for civilians living nearby these facilities. Cruel murders and horrible rapes doubled and tripled in those regions where fugitives decided to take shelter. Some of them formed communities full of brutality, based on a primitive clan model.

After whole mankind was brought to it's knees, remaining clans waged wars against each other in order to gain power over most valuable resources, such as uncontaminated water, farmsteads and military outposts. Ruthless leaders penalized those who lost in the only way they knew: Through slavery to cruel death.

Extreme levels of radiation pushed clans and gangs further away from their initial turfs, and closer to Pripyat. By 2035 there were only 4 clans left; The Landlords, The Dull Knives, The Warheads and The Abusers. The Landlords specialized in slavery and heavy labour. The Dull Knives used to raid villages, killing everyone on their sight, and those left to execute were beheaded from throat-side using a dull knive. The Abusers killed all the men, but they took children into slavery, and all the girls from 12 years old upwards were brutally raped until they died. The Warheads however, kept some sort of balance in all those wicked sins. They managed to gain control over most of vital regions, and by january of 2036, all other clans were destroyed.

The Warheads consist of psychopaths, murderers, madmen, sadists, rapists and many other disgusting people. They are led by vicious man, who gains the power after previous leader dies. Pretenders have to fight against each other in a free for all combat, using glass shards against themselves. The last man standing will become a master of this savage group.

The Warheads aim to gain full control over Pripyat and it's people, and after it will become possible, to spread further across the globe. Their main enemy is UAF which they will fight with to the last breath. The Warheads as war surivors are deformed, usually tall, massive and strong; therefore they will accept other deformed and mutants into their society within reasonable limits. Healthy humans are considered to be their game that Warheads like to hunt for. Human trafficking, cruel tortures and rape is very common amongst them, thus nobody can feel safe whenever they hear shouts of the madmen.
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Nice lore, seem's to be fitting in the whole atmosphere.
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