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Presentation of character :  Jod was born and grew up in an average family in a developing community, he lived in peace until he was about 5 years old, but at that point life took a turn for the worst.  He lost his parents in an the epidemic and was now alone and forgotten. All alone he had to survive in a villainous world. But with his strength, he managed to live.  The only reason he is alive today is because of his sheer size.  Jod lives off of the things he finds in the streets and from what he takes from others.  Jod is now fourty two years old with the mind of a five year old.

Character Name : Jod
Character Age : 42 years old
Reason you want to join this faction:  I would like to be in the bandit faction beause I think this character would fit into the role of a bandit because this is how he survived the apocalypse.  Jod survived the apocalypse by taking things from others. I feel like there has to be bandits on a falloutrp server or else you don't have that same fear that you would have roaming the streets that you would if there really was a fallout. I also noticed that there are not a lot of bandits so I would like to be one of the first.
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