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The Warheads are a group of most unfriendly war survivors and mutants the world has ever seen. They are involved in an active war not only against UAF, but whole mankind. They are ruthless, they will always claw their way to reach their desires.

The current leader is Shrapnel.


Warchief - Owns everything and everyone.

Juggernaut - Heavy infantry, led by the most experienced of their class (Walking Tank)

Raider (AKA Soldier) - Medium infantry, led by the most experienced of their class (Skull Crusher)

Savage - Light infantry, melee focused, led by the most experienced of their class (Cutthroat)

- Respect higher ranks members, unless You want to face cruel penalties.
- Never KOS, unless specific rules apply (Ask the leader).
- Do not walk around UAF base.
- Permanent hostility towards all humans, but sometimes also towards mutants and disfigured.

Application Requirements:
- You need to be an experienced roleplayer that can deal with various scenarios and apply MissRP.
- You have to join the faction with your own weapon. No exceptions.
- When other warheads are online, play together.
- NOT being a healthy human.
- Being ok with excessive cruelty and sick RP (torture, rape etc).

Application template:

In-game Character name:
Character age:
Desired class:
Presentation of your character:
Reason you want to join, convince The Warchief that You are skilled and useful:

Make a topic with the template above filling the details to apply.

[Topic based on UAF template]
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Good post, it is well made and is totally logicall.
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