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Right, i made this suggestion for the following reasons why i think disabling microphones would be a good idea.

1.Abusable: Some players have extremely bad microphones (On purpose or not) that usually is ear-shatering and sometimes so silent, you can't really hear anything what they are sayng, which coul'd ruin RP situations. And be annoying. Also, "I don't write good english" in my opinion, is not an excuse, since this is an english speaking server.

2.Roleplay: From my personal experiance, using the microphone for roleplayng is just silly. Once i was casually walking around and suddenly some other character appears whit a description: "Tall and strong, very manly, muscles etc..." And ofcourse as i'm IC, i greet him. And as i say Hi to him, he uses his mic and i instantly fell to laughter, as behind the screen there was a 11 year old boy telling that i'm a bitch. Seriously, it just ruins the atmosphere.

3.Small thing but still is worth a mention: In the down-right bottom of the screen, you can see these speech bubles (I don't know what are they called Razz). And it's kinda annoyng to see them when literally no-one is near you. It also could be used for meta, like if there was an intense firefight against a group of people and suddenlly one runs behind a wall whit his friend, you can see that they are talking/planning about something AND see their speech bubles on-top of their heads, which could be used for your advantage and see their positioning.

Sooo... Yeah, that's pretty much it. Post below what do you think about this.
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I understand that you do not like mics due to them reasons, however. Having mics are better for this reason.

Communication: Having the mics is easier to communicate to other players, now, from what I know you're most likely a LemonPunch or some other VERY serious RP'er from that sort of community. I have played servers with no mics and it is good but very time taking and boring.

Roleplay: I prefer it for the reason that if you're roleplaying, and you can act good enough... Players can see your pain or hear the tone in your voice, without having to guess if you're character is upset or annoyed.

Overall, I see your points but I disagree with disabling mics, personally, I enjoy using mics, it's unique and not some other server with a bunch of snobby, think they're better than everyone RP'ers.
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Well, we have good roleplayers that uses microphone. The thing is, I let people use it OOCly and let them have fun. They got comfortable using it OOCly and now they can't even roleplay with it. I'll be making new rules on its use. From now, OOC will be text only written with local ooc chat and I won't let people act like that anymore. We'll see how it goes.

Thanks for the suggestion.
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