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 Mister Snippy

Mister Snippy

At first sight he seems to be just a average wastelander. Eyes are a soft blue , dirty skin , short blonde hair , used clothing , somewhat of a butchered russian accent when he speaks english ,shaved beard and seems to be not that tall compared to others and not that strong either. He is carrying his trusty rifle , gas mask , a backpack and a radio. That is all he needs to survive in the wastes.

Viktor Vsevolod Result10


In the few days he wandered around the Ukraine Outpost and city in general , he seen them all. Cultists , Warheads , Mutants and other wastelanders ofcourse. There are also ecologists and "spiderman" people as he calls them who climb the walls of buildings. He likes to call everything that is harming to other wastelanders as "bitches". He made some makeshift ladders and climbed on top of a building where he slowly built himself a makeshift home. He views the wasteland from up there and when he sees people in help , he takes out his rifle and helps from distance. His aim never failed him.. yet. He has a daily routine of waking up , working out a bit , cleaning his rifle and loading it , drinking some vodka and looking out for "bitches". Only when he needs supplies he comes down from his spot. To this day he keeps drinking vodka and killing "bitches".
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Nice, but you should tell more about your past until you reached Pripyat :b
Thank you for developing your character and sharing it with us!
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