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Roleplay Name: Sheamus Anderson, otherwise known as the 'Flying Scotsman' or 'Gordie'

Character Age: 20

Do you have any motorcycle knowledge?: I currently own motocycle so rping (Fixing or helping out) will be more authentic

Short Character Backstory: Sheamus, Ex SAS, shunned away by almost every faction for his recklessness and violence is alone, almost gone mad with the demons insiide his head...until he found the forgotten MC, bringing some childhood memories back and calming him down to be a calm collected person, this is where he belongs...

Why do you want to join?: I'd love to join because I don't see many rp groups like this and I'd really like to give it a shot and hopefully enjoy myself to the fullest!

What can you offer?: Great rp due to my knowledge of bikes, a frequent member who plays almost every day if i'm not busy, and someone who truly likes the group for what it is
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