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Hello... as I have heard annoucement today I'm going to present my suggestions about the crafting recipes that were recommended to be placed here, at the forum. If anybody had a wish to.
As I present some crafting methods that couldn't be possible to be made by the simple man without any tools, I would like also to suggest implementing the craftsman NPC (similary working as the trader NPC) who would make your wished elements or fully crafted structures made by smaller or bigger price. Some of the elements/items could be only bought at this trader or other trader to create other items from recipies. But let's get into the thread certainly.

First of all:

Gun shells:

Description: Needed element to create an ammunition (rest of recipies presented down there).

Recipe: 1x Simple metal scrap (Pistol/Handgun ammunition)
2x Simple metal scraps (Rifle/Shotgun ammunition)
3x Simple metal scraps (Sniper Ammunition)

Craftsman needed?: Yes

Cost: 1-2 chips at Craftsman

Effects of creation: 3-4 gun shells for Pistol/Handgun ammunition (random chance, 5% chance of creating 5),
2-3 gun shells for Rifle/Shotgun Ammunition (random  chance, 5% chance of creating 4),
1-2 gun shells for Sniper Ammunition (random chance, 5% chance of creating 3)

Can be crafted with: Gun powder

Gun powder:

Description: Needed element to create an ammunition (rest of recipies presented down there)

Recipe: None

Craftsman needed?: Yes, buyable only

Cost: 1 chip for one ash of powder

Can be crafted with: Gun shell


Description: Significant element of survival on the wasteland

Recipe: 1 Gun powder + 1 One gun shell

Craftsman needed?: No

Costs: none

(Consultated with Chester)

Leather small bags:

Description: Small, useful bags that will help you containing items during the journey

Recipe: 15 old shoes

Craftsman needed?: Yes

Costs: To consideration


Description: Very helpful, keeps items away from hazards in isolated place.

Recipe: 30 old shoes + 1 simple metal scrap

Craftsman needed?: Yes

Costs: To consideration

Molotov Cocktail:

Description: Effective... and dangerous if you will hold it torched for a longer time...

Recipe: Empty bottle + Sterillized Rag + Gas (from canister)

Costs: None

Craftsman needed?: No

The thread will be updated each every time I will make something up. I don't mind if anybody would like to put his ideas here also. Thank you for the reading.
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