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 MomoGamer / Mike Patosi

Hey, here is Momo
Im the Leader of the Red Rocket.
But dont talk lets come to the point:

1. You will never kill or betray one off your Settlement-Mates
2. You will never steal from the Settlement
3. You will never add someon to the Settlement without the (Co-)Leader's permission
4. You will never set up a House without the permission from the (Co-)Leader
5. You will share your stuff, because we are like a big Family (Family sharing)
6. You will do what the Guard(and higher ranks) says.
(More Rules will come)

Members and Home's:
Fumiko Pang, Mayor,Home: Leader Home
Nikolai Polianov, Guard, Home: Nikolai Polianov

I will expand this page when something new is coming
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