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Please, respect our rules to keep the server clean.
If you disrespect those rules, depending on how bad it was, you will have to deal with the Administration of the server.

1. Server crashing attempts.

1.1. Do not ever attempt to crash the server, that will result in a perm ban.
1.2. Don't propspam If you have permissions to spawn props,that will result in a perm ban.

2. Annoying & Disrespecting

2.1. Don't Minge. Mingebags aren't welcome.
2.2. Don't troll. You can always have fun ICly and OOCly if you don't abuse or use do that in the right moment.
2.3. Don't ever disrespect or bully someone. We won't let disrespectful players ruin our players experience at all.
2.4. Don't micspam or random talk on the mic.
2.5. Always cooperate with the staff. Do not argue with them if you don't have reasons to. Report to a superior staff rank if you don't agree with an staff comportment.

3. Killing
3.1. Don't ever attempt to propkill if you get physgun acess.
3.2. Don't ever RDM.
3.3 Everytime you wan't to kill, make a complex RP or talk with the target if he agrees to 3.4. KoS. Going towards someone and doing /me shoots in the head is considered a FailRP.

4. Roleplaying

4.1. Avoid failRP. Ask for help if you are in need.
4.2. Don't ForceRP. Never fully rob someone. In case of an assault, when you are acting (For example: /me punches him in the stomach) use (/it would he defend?) to ask him rply if he would avoid your action, and, both do a /roll if he wants to defend. The higher roll wins and proceeds the roleplay.
4.3. Don't Metagame. Metagame is when you use OOC information ICly
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