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 Baby Nature

Hello Everyone, I came here to motivate the server and made some screenshots.

Pripyat ArtWork Sl4Vp2m

The Beginning Of The Apocalypse.
Pripyat ArtWork ZBcilIQ

UAF Outpost.
Pripyat ArtWork Ntg8z9V

Rentable House and Paramedic near for your Safety.
Pripyat ArtWork 7lt1JwD

Only one place to survive the Radioation and Mutation Invasions.
The UAF Bunker.
Pripyat ArtWork JpGLwY8

Allways a good Loot to get some Cash or Craft.
Pripyat ArtWork M70vRuL

Shop/Trader: The only place to Buy or sell Junk.
Pripyat ArtWork ZtmMuKd

QuestGiver is the other way to make more Cash or to have fun in the Server.
Pripyat ArtWork KRMRrZR
Pripyat ArtWork YuNDqAb

The Worst place of Pripyat The Labs, The place that started the mutation outbreak.
Pripyat ArtWork YKhaxFz

The Pripyat Big Wheel, I have the Wheel Prop and other cool Props, If you guys help this server gets bigger, I will extende this map and fix it in SDK source.
Pripyat ArtWork BWAhUrb
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Aweasome screenshots. Nicely done!
Thanks and I hope to see more in the future :b
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