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Before the war, Stanislas was an great known Engineer working in both Germany and France.

After the start of the war, Stan was called, with his crew, to repair damage done from the fighting. Thing didn't go as planned; Various raider captured him and left him alone in a dark underground bunker somewhere near Kiev, where he lost almost all of his sanity.. When, finally, he managed to get out, He saw the remain of the nuclear war. The shock was huge, making him lost what was left of his sanity. Taking a gasmask and clothes from a dead soldier, he begin his journey in the wasteland.

During his journey, he saw, near a great fire, a small working radio; But dues to his mental states, he started worshipping the fire, Thinking it dropped the radio for him.

Even if he lost his sanity, he is still the best (and only) alive Engineer around.

If you're looking for him, you'll find him near fires.
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Really Nice backstory, well done Smile
Also as i can see you are new member in our community. Welcome ! and have fun Smile

Admin Lorender
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Nice story, and welcome to the community! I expect to see great things with such a unique story, and hopefully this comes into play with the settlements.
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