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No doubt you will have heard the stories, and you have probably been told to stay away from the sewers, and the Lab. This is why..

It was just another day at the UAF Outpost. Soldiers were watching the front gate, letting wastelanders come and go. The Commander at the time, Commander Frost, was handling some paperwork he had received from his superiors in his office. He had sent out a patrol earlier that day which occurred regularly, every half an hour or so.

Just as night drew in, the UAF radio frequency was interrupted by static noises and the sounds of bloodcurdling screams, along with some muffled gunfire. They assumed it was the patrol sent out earlier. The Commander immediately tasked a group, including himself, to locate and bring back the lost patrol. Using some pre-war technology, they traced the signal to the sewers; an area they hadn't explored before.

Upon entering the sewers, they noticed it was unusually quiet. Staying close together, the team of four entered a bunker-like corridor. The radio scanner began to beep more frequently. They were getting closer. Soon they came to a thick, steel door. With a forceful pull, they yanked the door open. The men couldn't help but wonder, why the hell did they come down here? This wasn't part of the patrol.

Nothing prepared them for what they were about to witness. The first room they stumbled upon was full of large test chambers, fit for humans. With little initial worry, the Commander ordered that they split into two teams of two in order to explore the seemingly large lab quicker. This was a bad idea. The Commander and a newly-recruited Private made their way down a long corridor, peering into rooms filled with surgical equipment, coated in dried blood. After a few minutes of slow walking, gunshots echoed throughout the corridors. Frost took out his radio and requested a SITREP. No reply.

"Uh.. Sir? What's that?" The Commander turned to the Private, who was pointing behind them. A message was written on the wall, dripping in blood. 'Too late'. Assuming it was a group of sick Cultists or Mutants, the Commander insisted they continue travelling deeper. He ignored the fact they had already walked past that wall, which had nothing written on it moments ago. A scream in the distance. They began jogging towards it. Turning a corner, the Private bumped into a rotting corpse, with missing limbs and a number of scars, hanging by rope tied around its neck. Another scream. Now sprinting, they came to a large room with a strange metal machine inside, with a number of computer systems. Ordering the Private to look around, the Commander approached the machine. It was like nothing he had ever seen before. He approached a set of computers, switching one on. It still had power. Most of the files had been corrupted, but a few documents were still intact. He opened them, one by one. In each, the header read "FOR PERMITTED PERSONNEL'S EYES ONLY". Below were some of the most sickening images he had ever seen. People hanging from meat hooks, some being drowned in sealed containers, some being dissected while still alive. These all took place within the rooms he had walked past minutes ago. Then he came to another file, called 'Protocol 88'. He opened it with little hesitation. Inside, it seemed the pages had been photocopied from a physical file. Most of the pages had been covered with what looked like ink. Going through a few pages, he concluded that someone became some sort of special experiment who was being manufactured for use in the war. "Let's get the fuck out of here" he said, turning around to face the Private. He was gone.

Taking out his rifle, the Commander ran for the exit. He had to get back to base and call this in. Sprinting down the corridors, he heard screams of various pitches. More blood covered the walls. These corridors seemed longer than before. The steel door was in sight. He ran to it, pulling on the handle. It was locked. A whisper in his ear. "You should have left."

I don't know if any of this is true, it's just another old Wasteland tale. I don't even know where they got it from, but some say the UAF received a distorted emergency message from the Commander, others say someone found their bodies spread across Pripyat. Strangely enough, the UAF refuse to comment on the validity of the story. Now that I've shared it with you, it's up to you if you want to go anywhere near that place. But one thing's for sure; I'm sure as hell staying clear of it.
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