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Garry Willford

Garry was brought up in Manchester, England. As a child he was treated pretty terribly by his two brothers, Will and Jacob, they used to torment him and lock him in dark rooms. When Garry was six, he attempted suicide, but luckily, it didn't work. His parents, being hard working individuals tended to not bother with his pleads for love or any compassion as they focused on solely keeping the run down house they owned. When Garry was nine, he made his first friend, Josh.

Josh and Garry had a good friendship, they stuck together in school and defended each other when needed, however, when Garry was sixteen, Josh had been diagnosed with severe brain tumors and shortly died after around four months. This left Garry depressed, once again he was alone, in a terrible home and still getting bullied, his older brothers had luckily moved out, but this made Garry feel... Alone. This is what pushed Garry however, everyday after school, he started going gym, working hard and pushing himself, this is what gave him the idea of joining the Royal Marines.

After he finished his training for the Royal Marine Commando's, he went into the 45th, a group that specializes in a range of different terrains. However, when the great war broke out, he was sent to Ukraine, to try and help with the fighting and conflict. When he arrived at his base on the outskirts of Pripyat, he was briefed and quickly sent out into combat, the front lines. Garry got tasked with another group of Commando's to try and seize a small area, for the armed forces to assist and move up. This plan worked but the fighting had traumatized Garry, he soon learnt that he was slightly sadistic, enjoying the killing toll he had committed, but at the same time, the amount of fear it held on him.

Just like out of the movies, the bombs quickly went off, Garry with many others, took shelter in old bunkers around, not knowing what was happening. He remembers quickly passing out due to a bottle hitting him in the back of his head on accident. After waking up after around a couple of hours, Garry stayed in the bunker for a few months, surviving on what little they head. Garry once again, depressed, cold and not knowing whether to live or die now.

When he left the Bunker, Garry overall started to survive on his own, using the tips he had learnt in training to survive, this came to his advantage, but Garry has fought on both sides, he sadly, in this time, became a bandit, he robbed people and killed people just for his own benefit. The guilt, hasn't left him still. He regrets many things in his life, this being the biggest mistake he had ever made. After he heard about a settlement in Pripyat, he quickly made his way there.

When he got there, he survived again, leaving his past behind. He sought opportunity and to protect and help once again so now, he took the chance and went in for the UAF, after doing this and showing his worth to them he got in and began quickly helping those in need again and protecting them against the scum outside of the F.O.B's walls. This gave Garry happiness again, his sadistic ways still there however... Beckoning him to be used for his own needs, once again.

Overtime, Garry quickly moved up the ranks in the UAF, now becoming an Instructor, the third highest rank, he saw this as a breakaway to finally use his leadership for good, in which he does. Everyday he goes on missions, trains and helps those who need him most. Garry has changed but he is still far from normal, overtime if the world does go back to being normal, hopefully Garry will be a happier, loving and more caring man, however, for now... He'll stay strict, war torn and broken. A twisted mind for the sinner a like.

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