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Full Name: [Unknown]

Aliases: Stalker

Nationality: Lithuanian

Languages: English/Lithuanian/Russian

DoB: [Unknown]

PoB: Kaunas, Lithuania

Age: [Unknown]

Height: 6.57 Ft

Weight: 48 Stones - 304.814 Kg

Build: Brute - Super Strong

Medical Background: Life Time In Mental Hospital, Anger Issues, Mental Sickness, Eating Human Flesh.

Hair Colour: [Unknown]

Eye Colour: Red

Sexual Orientation: [Unknown]

Religious Orientation:


Relationship Status:

Jonas, Father - Dead " Father, your flesh was tasty this time."
Daina, Mother - Dead " I will never forget how i enjoyed that night."
Arturas, Older Brother - Dead " Never liked you anyway."

Mental state: Psycho.

Morale: High


Affiliation: Soldier Of Warheads

Distinctive Features / Acts: Aggresive And Dangerous.

Alignment: Chaotic evil

Stalker's Characteristics: Stalker is tall strong creature which believes that only Warheads will survive this apocalypse.

Character Gas Mask Sound:

Physical Description: A strange creature standing in shadow around six point five seven feet. Speaks european accent and deep voice. Doesnt seem friendly at all. As he is wearing strange clothing with red paint. Which also has some blood on it. Holding a heavy machine gun also known as PKP.


Stalker's Face Without Gas Mask:
Warhead Stalker 0010d412

Background Story: Stalker was born as the crazy child. He always attempted to kill his parents because he was thirsty for blood. Stalker has tried a lot of times and he failed. His parents went to doctor to speak about their child. Doctor said that he needs to be putted into mental hospital. But his parents though they can change him. They were wrong... Until one night came, he waked up and picked up the kicthen knife. He slowly walked into his parents room and brutally tortured and killed his parents. He also did same to his brother which was in another room. Neighbours have heard all the scream and called police. The police started to ambush the house. Breaking door by door. Until they came into the parents room. Where Stalker, was eating his parents flesh. Police arrested him straight away. And putted in jail. After the jail time has ended. Goverment didnt agree to let him out and placed him into the metal hospital for life time...


Personal Relationships:

Respected - Neutral - Disliked - Hated - Death Wish

Shrapnel - Respected
" One of my brothers that i can trust with anything... He is a genius of making a warheads, i will show him my respect and honour until i die... Which is not possible haha..."

Reaper - Respected
" One of the best Brothers in the combat... And good rapist of course... He has never let me down... I trust him and show my respect."


Faction Relationships:

Respected - Neutral - Disliked - Hated - Death Wish

Warheads - Respected
" This my place... Where me and my brothers do our job by destroying those weak human worms.."

Ukraine Armed Forces - Death Wish
"They thinked they can destroy us... Hah... They stand no chance, fighting against us. They will be destroyed one day.. I know it.."

The Hidden - Neutral
" I heard some stories about them... Sounds like they are doing good job, but we shall change them a little and make them my slaves... Haha."
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Nice work put into that character!
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