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We Need An NPC Trader In The Catacombs.
It will bring a lot of more people to the catacombs, just visting or joining.
It doesn't have to be soon, its just annoying for new players travelling all the way back to the UAF outpost to get ammunition or a makarov. (When i'm offline of course)
The items that the trader at the Outpost sells would be perfect.
Thank you for your time

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Hello Almann.

I will make sure to add an NPC with a trading few basic stuff. I will try to do it today if i dont have any other jobs to do. I will need you to show me the place where you want to have the NPC. So i could start adding it.

- Lorender
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Thanks so much, Lorender
Its just so annoying travelling back and forth for essential supplies.

Thanks Again,

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